What did I ever do to you?

That is the question that I asked my washing machine as I tried to switch the clothes from the washing machine to the dryer. I just wanted to dry some pajamas before bed time.

I had a tank top that I wore under a blouse that was in the load and it evidently fell into the washing machine with the shoulder strap wrapped around the agitator. It was under at least two of the agitator blades, and then wrapped around most every item in the washing machine. Once it started tangling itself around all the clothes, then all the clothes started wrapping around each other. Again and again and again. The clothes looked like I had braided them together.

It seriously probably took me 15 minutes to get them untangled. I had to take a break because of the physical exertion and frustration of it all. Actually, I had to tell Rakia why I wasn't chatting back with her on Facebook too.

My pajamas will never be the same again though. The tank top... it must have been made out of polyester because surprisingly, one strap is not 3 feet longer than the other even though it snaked around all of my clothes and held on for dear life. That's not an exaggeration either.

Don't tell Stacy and Clinton about this though. You know polyester is a no-no.