Whatcha doin'?

That's one of Peyton's favorite questions, but today's answer is not much of anything. That's good for a number of reasons, but I really kind of feel like I've wasted away the day. Actually, that's progress for me, but then again, that's a long story.

I guess with Paige's tournament, it was up late last night, up early this morning because I didn't hear anything back from my offer to entertain Peyton. I'm having major niece withdrawal, and I don't figure I'll see them tomorrow either. Sigh.

I really need to finish straightening up the mess in my guest room. I about have the VBS stuff sorted out. Except I can't find a couple of things that I thought I saw the other day. Actually, I know I saw something the other day, but can't find it now.

I've been trying to hunt down a couple of friends in particular on Facebook chat, but I've not seen them online. I think they are hiding from me. Shame on them!

I'm desperately trying to come up with something interesting to talk about, but I'm coming up empty except to announce that I'm going with my parents to go see the Oak Ridge Boys next Saturday night. I know it sounds strange, but I have wanted to see them for a while. Mom and Dad have seen them twice in Branson (the ORB aren't ever there when I get dragged to Branson) and they sold out when they actually came to Corsicana and I didn't get to see them. My parents have been to Bass Hall in Ft. Worth several times, and they like to see various groups perform there, so when I decide that I would like to go, they are very willing since most of the time my answer is, "nah, not really."

Speaking of my strange choices in concerts... Jenny and I are still debating going to New Kids on the Block again when they come to Dallas next month. The 4th person that was supposed to go with us (but didn't) back in October wants to go this time. Our current money situations and the concert location are pointing us towards "no", even though we are willing to go to watch the really insane women and the men they drag along with them. Plus, the last time was pretty fun. The two of us really need a life. I plan on getting one at some point. The sooner the better.