The bad bad blogger strikes again

Last week's blogs were work focused and I did not get around to blogging this weekend. I am due for a new post. But I refuse to turn on the computer, so it is a BlackBerry blog tonight. That means it will not be too long tonight.

If I were on my computer at work, it could be a long one because I got a new keyboard that is great and the space bar does not stick like the old one.

If I had taken photos of the snow with my phone, could upload them here tonight. I did not take pictures with my phone though. And there was like 6 inches. And the camera at my parents house had pictures of my snow ball fight with the girls about an hour before all the snow melted off. was it not amazing how it was there one hour and gone the next?

Now for some randomness...

It is annoying me on The Biggest Loser how they are talking about Valentine's Day. it was probably actually Halloween when they filmed this.

On the Bachelor, I believe the producers placed psycho Michele in the show and will not let Brad get rid of her. if she is not faking, that woman is certifiable.

I forgot what was going to say next.

Tonight I may have to up the heat because the ceiling fan is coming back on. Last night I left it off because I got cold the night before. However, it messed up my head and throat to sleep with it off. Boo hiss!

I am too old to stay on the phone until 2 am. I am too old to be up at that time period.

I found out the magic word that got the guy in China to talk to me is that his sister told him I was OPINIONATED. I really did not think that was one of my better qualities.

Jenny has asked me out for Valentine's. That is what single women do to pass the holiday by. It is our annual joke. She hates the big V day more than I do. I told her she was scaring me how very date-like she was actually making the whole thing sound. She better not get me chocolate though because I am about to go on a chocolate fast again.

Here is my bit of advice for all... never call me before 7 am ever. You will meet very grumpy Audra on the other end.

I am so glad the Super Bowl is over and everyone has gone home. All that the news people talked about last week was the SB and the weather. I did not even turn the channel in the direction as a form of rebellion. The bad weather caused a cancellation of a Super Bowl related appearance by the Village People. Wasn't that a shame?


tricia said…
Oh, darn. No Village People. (For some reason I found that hilarious, so thanks for the chuckle)