What a mess

Thankfully, Paige's basketball games were rearranged to both be this afternoon. I got some shopping in cuz goodness knows I'm tired of wearing the same thing all the time. And all you Target fans, I got to go to the one in the Waxahachie and got me a new lamp for me newly rearranged office (and some sunglasses).

I am still in the midst of getting all my books back on my shelves since I've been in middle of the house rearranging. I do obviously have my computer set back up. And my new keyboard came in. It's so much better than my old one. I decided I needed this after I got a new one at work. I had to get one there because my space bar was sticking from using it so much. I love this wave board.

I need to have a garage sale or partner up with someone who is having one because I have some stuff I need to get rid of. Seriously.

The chances of me getting my other weekend projects finished are pretty nil. I don't think the flip flop of closets is going to happen even though I do need to do that so I can see if I can get my drafting table put away. And I'm running out of wall space for the pictures I had to move. hmmm.... I always seem to create more work for myself. Anyone want to come help me?