One hot date

No, I do not have anything to report from this weekend. I think the hottest date ever on the Bachelor is when Shawntel took Brad to the crematorium and asked him if he wanted to be cremated. I mean, she did have the fire going at the time. If you watched it, you would have to admit that was just bizarre. Think that not giving her the rose may have been the wisest decision. Her dad was even creepy in a sense yet did finally give his blessing though he really wanted her succeed him in the family business and moving to Austin with Brad could wreck the plan.

Here may be an interesting topic of conversation... If I were to ever find Mr. Right, I would not want him to ask for my dad's approval. I don't find it sweet. I feel like my parents have a thumb on me that I don't really want, and I feel I don't need anyone's permission. So that is my side note for the day.

Speaking of asking my dad's permission, the guy after all the single women at church asked my dad's permission to sit two rows in front of us yesterday. It was strange. I don't know why he decided to move back a few rows.

I had something else I was going to say yet I do not know what it was. Eh, if I remember, I will talk about it tomorrow.


Michelle V said…
I just could not bring myself to watch another season with Brad. I didn't like him before and I couldn't do another one. Plus I've had so many books to read and been so busy that I didn't need another show to watch, so I passed this time. That being said....a crematorium?? Really?!?!

Michelle V
Audra Jennings said…
Yep. A creamatorium. It was enough to be a deal breaker for most anyone. Even showed the furnace or whatever they actually call it.