Enquiring minds want to know

Anyone remember when the National Enquirer had TV commercials? Their tagline was "enquiring minds want to know." forgot about those until I started typing up this entry.

My grandmother used to read the National Enquirer. She may have even had a subscription. That really has nothing to do with anything.

I have had people ask via direct message on Facebook "so how is the guy in China?" They did not know if I wanted anything posted on my wall. I posted on my blog that I had a "pen pal" China. My blog posts on my Facebook, so it's not like he is a top secret friend. And after all, we are just talking in the first place. :)

The truth is, I don't know the answer to that question. He was away at a conference for a week without internet access, then when he got back had things to tend to. The Chinese holiday season is now over and school started back this week. Add in a 14 hour time difference when two people are working, and you don't get much of a chance to talk.

What's really weird is that unless we can ever banter via email in the morning for me, we  are always on a different day when we talk to each other. It makes me realize how confusing it is going to be scheduling interviews for an author is Australia. Karen has to be looking forward to that challenge.

Here's what I don't get about some time zones around the world. There are some locations that have half hour differences. How confusing can that get when you live on a border? That is what my enquiring mind wants to know!