The Rollercoaster called Life

Well, I have an update to the last non-book related post. On Wednesday morning, about 2 minutes after my alarm went off, my phone rang. I don't know if it's the phone, the jack in my room or what, but it's a bad connection.

Upon answering, I hear someone say, "this is _____ _____ from _____." For a split second, I thought it might have really been, but remembered I had told "Fu Ming" (that's his Chinese name that he uses over there) that if he ever called and said that as a joke, he'd be sure to get hung up on. Instead, I laughed and got the other phone.

I got a few sentences in early in the call. I know those of you who know me really don't believe that he does most of the talking on the phone. However, it is true.

So, about 20 minutes into the call, my bladder was screaming and I really thought about putting the phone on speaker and seeing if he noticed I left for two minutes and came back. I started trying to interject that I was enjoying talking to him, but I sure wasn't going to make it to work on time at this rate.

Fifteen minutes after that, I finally said, "I hate to cut you off, but I really have to get ready for work."


"Huh? What time is it there?"

"7:35 AM."

"WHAT? I remembered the two hours behind, but forgot about the other 12 hours. I've never called anyone at 7 in the morning."

Needless to say, I got my good laugh in before going to work that morning. As it turned out, I needed that laugh by the time the day was over.

When I got home from church late Wednesday night, my back gate was open, and one of my screens was completely off a window and leaning against another window on another wall.

I called the police so that they could be patrolling the area. After 30 minutes they finally got there and the police officer shines his flashlight in the peep hole when I'm trying to make sure it's the police at the door. He didn't seem to concerned about anything whatsoever.

I was pretty wired to end my day, needless to say. When I relayed part of my story to Fu Ming via email, the question of the day was, "do you carry?" The answer to that was no.

Since I didn't get drawn for the Rangers Opening Day lottery, I decided I was going to get tickets anyway. I refuse to break my streak of going to Opening Day. I've been 11 of the past 12 years. The only year I missed was when my dad told me we couldn't go because I might have a new job since I was job hunting at the time. Sure enough, I started work at my current job that year on Opening Day. They called me that morning to come in.

My dad decided he could not/would not pay about 10x face value for tickets off Stub Hub, so I found a friend willing to go and I won an Ebay auction today. I didn't expect to shell out that much, so now I am debating spending money on a ticket to go visit friends in Colorado Springs. I need to make a decision quickly, especially with the rising cost of gas. I'm sure it's going to impact that ticket price soon. I got gas Wednesday morning for $3.12 a gallon, and at lunch it was $3.25.

So, today, it took me most of the afternoon, but I finally flip flopped my two closets to make room for some more stuff after I rearranged my house. I still have some stuff I'm trying to get put away from the great bedroom to office swap. I had to buy some command strips to hang stuff on the closet doors since I'm running out of wall space from all the photos I have hung. I'll try to post pictures in the coming week.

I need to get this other stuff put away before I have a couple of friends over for a Not Watching the Oscars party. Actually, I just invited a couple of friends over after church and realized the Oscars were coming on which I don't care anything about anyway.

I better finish this post off. It's late and I have to put sheets on my bed before I can sleep in it. I hate having to do that. :(