This weekend...

I am going to try to reclaim this weekend for myself. I've not done that in a while. Though I skipped the basketball games last weekend, I tried to make myself do some catch up with work and made myself miserable and accomplished not much of anything.

There's only two basketball games tomorrow, and I'll make at least the later one. Not promising anything for the first because I have gotten 6 hours of sleep or less the past three nights and I need to sleep in.

Two nights I stayed up trying to finish my fall scrapbook on Shutterfly to get it 50% off. I failed miserably. So, I hope to get it close to finished this weekend so that the next time they go on sale, I'll have it ready. I won't commit to having it completely finished though because that's too much self-imposed pressure.

I also have to buy a birthday gift for work that I've been putting off for 2 weeks.

I also need to go to the grocery store which might as well be against my religion. I did get milk at Braum's after church Wednesday night to avoid going to the store. I need toothpaste now, so...

And I sold the bed in my spare bedroom this week so that I can move my computer back out of my living room. I'm going to put my bookshelves that are in the dining area in the spare room too and have an office/library instead of an extra bedroom. I also need to flip flop two closets too. That should keep me busy. in taking all my books to the other room alone.

Regardless of what does and doesn't get done, I'm already looking forward to my Sunday nap.

I kind of want to go shopping though. Don't know that I'll get to fit that in. I'll give up any of these activities (other than the nap) if anyone wants to do anything this weekend. Just let me know!