Is it spring yet?

Normally, I like the cold,
but this winter weather is getting old!
I do not like it when it's one hundred and three,
But the snow last week was made for a ski.

I don't care what studies say,
when it's 70, then 17 the next day,
People are bound to get sick,
cough or sneeze, take your pick.

Right now I'm about to freeze,
through a crack in my door comes a breeze.
My arms are covered in goose bumps,
I take it back, they're more like lumps.

At work no hot water in the sink,
is about as cold as a skating rink.
My hands are in need of major lotion,
but the cracks scream at that notion.

My lips are so very chapped,
they feel like they have been zapped.
And being cooped up with lots of ice,
doesn't make any of us very nice.

I don't see how the Yankees do it,
I can handle only a little bit.
Oh, the snow, it was pretty for a day,
but for long it did not stay.

In the land of the Lone Star,
you need not go very far,
nor do you have wait very long,
a change in weather will come on strong.