Ready for some Boston Rob?

Just watching the commercials for the upcoming Celebrity Apprentice are enough for me. I've never been into The Apprentice, but it would take serious cash to watch LaToya Jackson, Jose Canseco and Gary Busey. The only person I'm somewhat curious about is Richard Hatch from Survivor, but I would rather watch that show about target shooting on the History Channel that has Colby Donaldson. But even Colby isn't enough to make me watch that. I do have some reality TV standards.

I'm ready for Wednesday when Boston Rob comes back to Survivor for the fourth time to take on Russel who gets his third shot. I don't have any false illusions that Boston Rob is going to win, but please, oh please, just let him last longer than Russel. I can't believe that man has made it to the end twice. Logically, they probably took him to the end so that they could easily beat him.

Glad that Boston Rob has his sass back this time. He was a little too mellow last time.