Eating lunch with the squirrels

I don't know all the reasons why (I know a couple), but this week has been extremely frustrating and stressful when it comes to work. I haven't had a week like this in I don't know when. Just a perfect storm of factors, I guess.

I usually don't stop for a lunch break. I'll grab something and bring it up to my desk. The past two days, I have taken a break. I've taken my lunch to the sunroom and watched the squirrels. In fact, today, I came downstairs, put on my walking shoes, blasted my guilty pleasures music to deafening levels on my iPod and walked a mile. Then, I had lunch with this squirrel.

Here's something else I don't know... why the squirrels in my neighborhood have been extremely loud the past week or two. Yes, squirrels can be loud. They chatter very loudly when they are annoyed. They've been having arguments with the very loud blue jays, evidently.

Another seemingly random fact, there are no squirrels in Australia. Australians find them fascinating.

Yes, I know, my blog has become extremely boring. I apologize.