What has to be the world's worst job

You know what I think must be one of the world's most frustrating, stressful, thankless jobs, at least at this point and time in history?

Being a customer care representative on the www.healthcare.gov AKA Obamacare website.

Think about it. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, is having problems on the site. Very few people that I am aware of are happy about having to sign up for it. Couple with angst about having to sign up with technical difficulties. Everyone is going postal, and no one can help.

It's not that I am pro-Obamacare, but complaining about it doesn't change anything for me, my individual self. I have to suck it up and accept it and try to work with it until the powers that be dictate something else. That's how I'm going into it. I just want it to work so that I can move on with my life and find out whether or not I'm going to have to re-do my budget to be able to pay for new coverage.

I've had people on Facebook personally tell me not to try to chat or call the 800 number. I thought I would just try to get farther today after stalling out Sunday afternoon. I could get no further, so I just thought I would ask a simple question and try to see if there was any use in trying.

Basically, my customer care person had to give me a pre-written answer about technical difficulties. She suggested I try the 800 number, but I told her I'd just hold out a while longer.

It's not the representative's fault, so I tried to be kind. She could have been faking her LOL (not once, but twice), but maybe, just maybe, I brought a smile to her day. After all, she has a thankless job.