Procrastination... and you wouldn't blame me

This weekend may end up with me facing all the things I've been putting off. Things anyone would procrastinate in doing.

Like going to the grocery store. I hate going to the grocery store, but I can only go without buying milk and toilet paper for so long. My fridge is getting near empty. I've drank all the Coke Zero from the mini fridge in the office. All I have to eat for breakfast now is cereal, but I don't do well with dry cereal for breakfast.

I had planned to go tonight when I got off of work, but I had to finish some things up, and at 7:00 I was over the thought of it. I didn't want to go in the dark. That's mostly just an excuse.

Since October 1, I have been putting off logging on to the Obamacare website. My health insurance ends at the end of the year like many others who face the same fate due to the Affordable Care Act. I pay quite a bit now, and the letter I was sent in the mail says that there's a possibility it will be less expensive.

I hate dealing with all things insurance, and I just know my income is going to barely be into a more expensive bracket or something like that. I just simply don't want to know how much I have to pay. I've put it off saying, "they have to take me and as long as I do it by December 15..." or "the site isn't even working anyway."

However, I need to face the music and see how bad it is going to be. I dread it. And who wants to do that on a weekend anyway. I'll do it after I finish some other things tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow morning, Paige has a volleyball game, her last of the season. I really want to see it, so it probably will divert me from finishing the stripping the rest of the wallpaper in the bathroom. Again, I just need to bite the bullet and get it finished. I know you are tired of hearing me moan on and on about it. Someday it will all be down, I will have the walls textured, and it will be painted. Someday.

Anyone want to take bets on what all I actually do this weekend?