I accomplished 1 out of 3

Yesterday, I posted about three things on my to-do list for this weekend. Today, I did one.
Wallpaper and Obamacare got knocked off the list for today. Milk and toilet paper outranked the other two to win.

After Paige's volleyball game, she and Dad assembled my mug shelves that had been on the walls at my old house into a free standing structure. Paige put one mug on the shelf before we left to get Peyton at a friend's house.

Peyton had nothing to wear to church at her dad's house now that the weather has turned cooler, so I told her if we could stop staring in her closet, I would take her to buy something for tomorrow.
I will remember this day before ever suggesting that again. I wouldn't call her a good shopper. At least not a decisive one. I convinced her to get the dress in the picture, but she didn't really like it. She found an outfit to wear tonight at a show she and my parents are going to. That was an accomplishment.

After I went to the grocery store and got something to eat because I was almost (scratch the almost) sick by 4:30 since the only thing I had eaten all day since my Special K breakfast sandwich, I arranged the rest of my mugs. They had been all stacked up on the hutch shelves. That was in between watching Extreme Couponers. I don't see how those people stock pile given the fact I couldn't even find a cup of cherry yogurt that hadn't expired. Seriously had a date of 8/20 and today is 10/19. Maybe it takes them 10 hours to shop in order to check expiration dates.

Now, I need to read over my lesson for in the morning. No time for that other stuff. Maybe the insurance website tomorrow. Or not.