Search and sing

This week's lesson outline was not age appropriate for the younger kids, so we did scripture races, searching for verses to better figure out where to find book/chapter/verse in our Bibles. Following each verse that was read, we sang a song that went along with what was being talked about.

We moved through them slow and didn't get through them all, so I have some left for the next time I need to do something like this. (If you want my list, I'm willing to share.)

Last week, we practiced "Thy Word" and I told them we'd sing it for video this week.

They don't like looking up verses in Psalms. Our NKJV Bibles in the room have big initials at the first of each Psalm instead of big chapter numbers like every other book. Finding Psalms 119:105 was the equivalent of torture.

I've not actually watched the video because you're going to hear my voice on it in spots. I was helping them stay on tune (or track-I don't know if I was on tune exactly) and I hate hearing myself.