What Paige and Uncle Si have in common

I'm not sure if you caught Duck Dynasty this week. In the latest episode, the gang in the duck call room introduced Si to YouTube.

What I found hilarious about this is that he watched some, if not all, of the same videos that Paige and Emily were pulling up on YouTube at my house a couple of weekends ago.(Unfortunately, there isn't a clip of him watching the videos.)

Videos such as...

Si did not mention this one because the episode may have been taped before this video became popular. I had never heard of "What Does the Fox Say?" until they were over, and I've heard about it every day since.

At the end of the episode, Si decided to make an instructional golf video to put up on You Tube. Another thing Si and Paige have in common are the skinniest legs known to man. I need to tell her that when I see her this weekend. Seriously! Look at his legs.