Christmas lights are the bane of my existence

I have been trying to get my Christmas trees up and decorated since Sunday.

I have most everything on my two mini trees, but even they aren't finished yet because I can't get down far enough into my divided decoration box to finish them. All this because I can't get the forsaken lights on the big tree.

I've had several strings of lights go half out. Then, I've tried replacing bulbs which is way harder than it should be, even if I switch out bases. A working bulb in one string (even if half the string is out) should work in another if you are trying to switch them out. But, no...

And a few years ago, I bought purple lights with green wire to go along with clear lights on my big tree. Now one of those strings is bad and I can only find white wire strings of purple now. At the time, they weren't an obscure item. Now they are.

So help me, tonight I better get the tree finished... lights or no lights.

Christmas lights... the reason suicide rates increase over the holidays.