It took me long enough

After much angst, and staying up to 2:30 AM, I finally got my big tree decorated. It may have to stay up year round after as much trouble as I had with it. But I love it!

Paige told me last year that I needed to combine the purple and orange trees. I added in teal to those with some cheap additions from Walmart. Most of the tree is cheap decorations from Walmart.

If you look really close, you can see how I stretched two strings of purple around the tree. And I do mean stretched to get some from top to bottom.

After waking up at 10:00 AM (after getting to sleep at 3), I spent most of the day cooking. I hope the pies taste as good as they look!

I am glad all of my trees are up, but I want to decorate the staircase and I hang some other lights. I really don't know why I go through the trouble!