I used a trip to Hobby Lobby as a bargaining chip

Today, my aunt was hosting a reception for my cousin and her new husband at her house in Beckville, TX. Don't know where Beckville is? Well neither does the vast majority of people who live in Texas. It's a spot on the road. Two and a half hours away. And obviously in middle of no where if you are seeing the space between towns of significance and realize that blue line is 130 miles long. (With speed zones and stop lights, it really is over two and a half hours away.)

When I agreed to go with my mom I was hoping we could manage to find a Starbucks and a Hobby Lobby in Tyler on the way to or fro.

At first when I run this by my mother, she hedges a little bit offering a stop at Walmart in Athens because I was in search of yarn. "Nah, that's alright."

She could tell I was bummed and did offer to loop around on the way, but I told her we didn't have to. We did decide we would stop on the way back though.

After too many sweet offerings at Aunt Susan's, we skipped the Starbucks, but went to Hobby Lobby where it seemed like half of Tyler had decided to gather.

I get sucked into Hobby Lobby on any given day, and I promised it wouldn't take me long to get what I needed and be back on the road. However, with 50% off Christmas decor at this point, we both got pulled into the vortex that is Hobby Lobby.

The good news is that I did find my yarn and other stuff I wanted. The bad news is, I still need to finish going over the rest of my Sunday School lesson and other stuff I need to do after spending over 5 hours in the car.