When you have to reference Duck Dynasty to get a point across

I have been trying to have the kids sing a DIFFERENT song EVERY week. I forgot we had already done "Sanctuary" this quarter. It's Peyton's favorite song, and I just gave in and went with it since I usually tell her we can't sing it.

They were singing like they were depressed or exhausted, so I told them to add some pep. Add in some "happy, happy, happy." To which a child asks, "do you watch Duck Dynasty?" I think that question comes up every single week. And the consensus of the class is yes.

After they sang it through with my additional instruction (that worked, by the way), I told them "now, we're cooking with peanut oil!" Some got that. Some didn't. My co-workers who have not joined the bandwagon may one day be out of the loop on many references made. They are missing out!