Christmas joy and Christmas exhaustion

Here are a few pictures from our Christmas day. It was a bit of a long day waiting for Brian, Paige and Peyton to be able to come, but we had a great time. Then, almost all fell out asleep on the couch.

Mom wanted individual pictures of everyone in front of the fireplace. Here's Dad!
We didn't get pictures of everyone in front of the fireplace.
Mom and Dad

Digging in!

Peyton opening a pair of shoes she had already gotten an identical pair of several days before.

Dad telling Mom to pay attention to what she was opening.

Paige opening her Monsters Inc. and Monsters University DVDs.

Making bracelets isn't all that easy.

Paige looking at the scrapbook.

Mom is reading it too.

Brian's out. (By this time Paige was almost out in the chair, Peyton was laying on Mom, and I was getting drowsy.)

I got my picture made. Mom has pics of me with Peyton's headband on, but I didn't have them on my camera.