Saving Mr. Banks

I successfully lobbied for Saving Mr. Banks rather than Madea for our annual Christmas Eve dinner (Applebee's was open until 2 AM) and movie.

Dad thought it was going to be a silly comedy, but it's actually a drama. A sad one at that! But, oh-so good! He really liked it, but said watching Tom Hanks made him think Forrest Gump. He looks nothing like Forrest Gump anymore. That's his mental hang-up.

The trailer below has more of the lighter-hearted moments. The movie is actually two-fold. One aspect of the story is about Walt Disney trying to convince the author of Mary Poppins, Mrs. Travers, to sign over the rights to make her books into a movie. She's very stubborn and is afraid of the spectacle he might turn her story into (NO ANIMATION!).

The other half of the movie is a series of memories as to why Mary Poppins (never just Mary) is so close to Mrs. Travers heart--why Mary is family. Very serious. The movie is PG-13 mainly because of this part.

Afterwards, we thought about watching Mary Poppins on DVD, but instead, the three of us watched It's a Wonderful Life all the way through for the first time ever. Man, that's a depressing movie! At least I checked it off of my bucket list, and I don't have to make that an annual tradition.