The smell of markers on a Friday night

I got your attention with that title, didn't I? I spent my Friday night working on giant fruit to hang in my Sunday morning classroom because it is in need of some new decoration. And our lesson for tomorrow is on the fruit of the spirit.

I'm kind of proud of the pineapple. I wasn't planning on laminating them all, but when I got to church on Wednesday night and there wasn't any orange paper on a roll, I decided I would turn on the lamination machine and laminate a number of pieces together. It worked. I cut out some shapes while I was there and just laminated paper to cut later for the rest.

Being too lazy to draw anything ahead of time, I just grab scissors and cut. That's why it's not all my best effort. Some of the markers were kind of strong, but I promise that I didn't just sit around and sniff. That's as exciting as it got on a Friday night.