The home stretch!

Here we are... able to count the days to Christmas on the fingers of one hand (or less if you're missing a thumb).

On Monday, once I mailed out all the hats I made for my co-workers (along with the ones that I sent to my Grandmother that still haven't made it there yet and now she's even come to Corsicana!), I said that if anyone who was wanting to order one for Christmas, I would try to make it.

I delivered one to church on Wednesday (I wish the color showed better)...

Then, I had one more to make to deliver to church Sunday. So, I took my yarn over to my parents' house last night to work on it while I was visiting with them and my grandmother.  Grandmother asked if she was too old for one, so I said, "you want this one." I sat there and finished it for her. 

She didn't know when I told her I had to take a picture that I was going to post it on Instagram, thus Facebook and everywhere else.

Then, this morning, I had to start from scratch on the one I need to take for church in the morning. I started it before riding with my parents' to take Grandmother home, worked on it in the truck, and almost had it ready by the time we stopped at Starbucks.

It's Christmas and I had not had my annual peppermint mocha!

I did finish the other hat when I got home while I was waiting for Paige.

Then, Paige and I had to do some shopping for treat bags for my kids at church in the morning, and her dad's Christmas present.

I bought and now I am officially done! (Unless I get headbands made between now and then.)

When Brian came to pick her up, there was this very low fog hanging over the park at the end of the street. It was eery looking.

Now that I'm done blogging, it's off to try headbands. Wish me luck!