Who's that one person that is so hard for you to buy for?

All of my Christmas presents have been purchased except for one. (I'm still waiting for a couple to be delivered.) I've mailed off everything to my 5 co-workers in 4 different states.

The one illusive gift is the one that seems to haunt me every single year. Every. Single. Year. The one for my brother. He's one of those people who answers "nothing" or "I don't need anything" when you ask like that's the point of a Christmas gift.

I've bought something small, and told Peyton about it. I asked her what else I should get her dad. Her answer?

Without a moment's hesitation... "the receipt."

Thanks Peyton for believing that my selections stink. You're no help. You told Granmal and Pops to buy him a camera for work when he already had one. They had to take it back. I should know better than to ask to you. Paige wasn't any more impressed.

So, I still don't know what I'm going to do. Do you struggle with not the "perfect gift," but "any gift" for anyone you know?

As tacky as it may sound, I'm just thankful I don't have to buy for what has been my second hardest person to buy for this year.