There's no proof we were ever there

Over a 5 day span this week is my Dad's birthday (Wednesday), Brian's birthday (today) and my parents' 40th anniversary (Sunday). Because of all these events, we usually actually all get together and celebrate the birthdays in January. When asked what she wanted to do to mark her anniversary, Mom said she wanted all of us (my parents, Brian, Paige, Peyton and me) to go over to Ochoa's in Malakoff (aka a Mexican food restaurant in a town down the road).

We have plenty of Mexican food all the time, but that restaurant is where Mom and Dad had their rehearsal dinner the night before their wedding. Kind of sentimental, right?

The original plan was to go Saturday, but Brian had some other potential plans, and Brian brought up last night that we could go tonight on his birthday instead.

Dad had to pick up the girls from school today, so they were already over there and ready to go when I got off work and over there. As always, I was trying to finish something up as quickly as I could, and well, I was running late to get over to my parents' house in order to leave. I got into it with Dad over the phone about "just a second" given he had a reservation.

We're lucky we arrived there alive. Neither of my parents spoke to me on the ride over there. Dad drove like a maniac on damp roads. Brian was over there first, so really it wasn't a problem.

Grandmother had talked to Dad and Brian earlier in the day and even arranged to have a bouquet of flowers on the table. Mom finally got the ring she picked out and Dad bought for her back in May.

Dinner conversation revolved around Peyton's dramatic outburst at getting a flu shot (which was already discussed thoroughly the night before), Brian having an ear and throat infection (and how he should have had his tonsils removed as a child), and that's about it.

We walked outside after eating, and Mom says, "I didn't get a picture." I said, "I should have at least got out my phone." Mom answered, "I even brought my camera."

So, we went over there to celebrate, had been planning to go for a while, and didn't get a picture.

Of all the pointless pictures I take daily to have a picture a day on Instagram, I didn't even take a picture to document the event. Can I blame it on trying to play it low-keyed since the girls were the only ones speaking to me?