Treasury of Bible Stories brings rhyme and humor to story time

Bible study for children will never be boring again!

New book from the illustrator of The Beginner’s Bible
brings rhyme and humor to story time

Chances are you still remember your favorite nursery rhyme — why? Because meter and rhyme are powerful memorization devices. So for parents who want their children to have the lessons of the Bible hidden deep in their hearts, Kelly Pulley’s new Magnificent Tales™ release, Treasury of Bible Stories: Rhythmical Rhymes of Biblical Times (David C Cook/September 1, 2014/ISBN: 978-0781409179 /$19.99), will be the perfect nighttime read.

Best known for his work as the illustrator of The Beginner’s Bible, which sold more than 1.5 million copies, Pulley introduces us to his Treasury of Bible Stories, a full-color, hardcover book which is engaging enough to capture the attention of even the most media-savvy youngsters. Written for ages 4-8 (children who are too old for a toddler Bible but too young for complete Bibles), this collection offers engaging spiritual lessons, humorous rhymes and vibrant illustrations. Each story takes about ten minutes to read, making it perfect for an end-of-day, bedside wind-down. Created to be read aloud, the stories are presented in a way the whole family can enjoy.

From “The Salty Tale of Noah and the Ark” to “The Lasting Story of the Last Supper,” the rhyming tales in Treasury of Bible Stories remind us God loves his people — in the Bible and today. Not even mom or dad will grow tired of reading its pages night after night . . . after night. “I have four kids, so you know I’ve been there! I must admit, I’ve tried hiding books or skipping pages to get through them faster,” Pulley reveals. “I think the writing is clever enough in Treasury of Bible Stories to make them enjoyable for adults as well as children.” 

Reminiscent of the Dr. Seuss classics, these familiar Bible stories come to life on the page with creative art and a dash of humor. Pulley reveals the famous author and illustrator has definitely been an inspiration for him. “When I was at the school library in grade school, I would always head straight to the Dr. Seuss books. I loved the rhyming tales and the fantastical illustrations. I still do.”

The book is the fifth installment in David C Cook’s Magnificent Tales series, which includes the four previously released stories. Treasury of Bible Stories contains the most beloved biblical narratives from both the Old and New Testaments, leading up to Christ’s death and resurrection. Pulley chose key stories with the strongest spiritual lessons and images that would jump off the pages.

Filled with clever cadence, captivating art and clear spiritual lessons, Treasury of Bible Stories will quickly become a reader’s beloved family tradition.

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About the author

Kelly Pulley was born and raised in a quaint Midwestern town surrounded by corn and soybean fields. He was brought up to love and create art alongside his artistically talented mother, while his father, ex-WWII bomber pilot, fireman and electrician, worked multiple jobs to keep him and his four siblings in Red Ball Jet tennis shoes.

Pulley began his career as a graphic artist at a leading sportswear screen-printing company. He remained in that industry for seventeen years before taking a full-time position illustrating dozens of The Beginner’s Bible series of books, including the latest version of The Beginner’s Bible (2005), which sold more than 1.5 million copies. He’s also authored and illustrated four other books in the Magnificent Tales™ series from David C Cook: Food for a Fish, Good News of Great Joy, The Biggest and Toughest, and Daniel for Lunch.

Currently, he works from his home in Tennessee as an illustrator and author. When Pulley's not working, he’s spending time with his wife, Vickie, or riding his bicycle while enjoying the beautiful middle Tennessee countryside. The couple has four adult children.

To keep up with Kelly Pulley, visit his online home at or become a fan on Facebook (kellypulleyauthor).