Disappointment and boredom describe my #TheBachelor watching experience tonight

It's the night we've all been waiting for! The finale that will give us people who can't help but watch this train wreck of a show a reprieve until Bachelor in Paradise. 

Are all the people saying, "haven't you read the spoilers? He picks Whitney!" correct are the spoilers wrong?

Even if she's not as passionate at this point, I think Becca is more level-headed and realistic about all of this.

Chris Harrison promises shocking events we will talking about in the morning. I wish I had actual people to talk to in the morning.

The evening starts off in snowy Arlington, Iowa. A stark contrast to Bali last week. Chris claims he is falling in love with two women and has a difficult decision.

Whitney: (in his words) Genuine. Beautiful. Smart. Already able to say she's in love with him.

But Becca, hasn't been able to say that. However, he can see spending his life with her.

Chris' family is very excited to welcome him home. They will get to meet both women he is falling in love this week. Guess they will see the real Arlington this week.

Chris' mom doesn't think he knows what he wants.

Whitney is nervous. Maybe that evil eye face is just her normal face because she is making it on the ride out to Arlington. She too feels the pressure, and she plans to tell his family how in love she is. 

She makes a good first impression by telling everyone that she and Chris made a baby... in a lab. (I'm so tired of hearing about it.) She knows how to butter them up and work a crowd, right down to how she hated it when Andi broke his heart, but how she was glad because she had a chance. Then, she brings out the waterworks. It's too much.

The sisters are going to grill her to see if she's ready to make a move. She bluntly says that she really doesn't want to live there, but people sacrifice for love. Whitney shows her confidence and her sisters thinks she is equipped for the move.

Chris' only hesitation... he also loves this other girl. He can't put his finger on it other than a certain chemistry... charming. Witty. Athletic. Grounded. Someone that would ground him. Certain qualities that are different, but cool. It's hard for him to put it in words.

One of the sister's thinks it is a red flag that Chris can't articulate his feelings. I think that's actually a good thing... like he's taking it seriously.

Whitney has a woman-to-woman talk with Chris' mother. "Why do you think you are in love with my son?" She doesn't think she's in love with her son. She knows!

Whitney says that Chris makes her feel like the only woman in the world which I find delusional. The more she gets to know him... He makes her so happy from the bottom of her soul. "You have raised an amazing, amazing man." Being there makes it feel more real. I want to call you Momma!

How gullible are these people? As she leaves for the day, she feels very confident that she is the future Mrs. Soules. "Don't you dare forget how much I love you!"

Out in the workshop, Chris tells the men of the family that he expected nothing less in how Whitney interacted with everyone. However, there's Becca...

One of the brothers-in-law thinks that Chris is 50/50 and that is unfortunate.

The next day, the family has to keep a really open mind because they were so smitten with Whitney. Sister Jaci knows he isn't taken it lightly, but Lori is worried about him. I don't think they can be fair. 

Although she's not as serious yet, Chris is willing to take a risk. Instead of bearing flowers for Chris' mom like Whitney does, Becca comes bearing cookies for everyone.

Jaci wants to see what Chris sees since having met her before, she knows that it's harder to get to know her. Becca seems to be holding her own well with them so far.

At dinner, Becca admits she was a part of the special road trip to Arlington and jokes about taking weekend trips to the post office. "I'll tell my family not to text me, but to send letters." The family does think she's funny.

The sisters grill Becca for a bit. Becca is honest about not being quite there yet, and admits her fear that it means she may be counted out for that. If things progress and she is chosen, she expects their relationship to start off long distance, but once she is sure, she'll pick up and move wherever she needs to go. Becca says it is not what Chris has or hasn't done that is the problem, it's her own approach.

The sisters voice this concern with Chris when they get him alone. He says it's something they will need to talk about more. The sisters need to get off their hang-up about where Becca is in the relationship. It's a good thing to be more cautious and realistic vs. overeager to make babies and reckless.

The commercials here ran over and I missed the first little bit of what Becca says to Chris' mother. Chris doesn't want him to miss out on something good and six months later regret it because of Becca's uncertainty. Becca doesn't want to miss out because she hasn't said how in she is. Chris' mother tells Becca that she believes the decision is actually all up to him. She makes Becca cry.

Chris' mom decides that Becca just doesn't realize how she feels towards Chris and doesn't recognize it as love.

Becca isn't ready to say yes to a proposal and talk of long-distance vs. Iowa overwhelms her. She feels she's force to leave out without being able to have a longer conversation with him.

The sisters are on the fence still, but the men see what he sees in Becca. Even Dad thinks that Becca is the one that Chris wants, even if Whitney is the sure thing.

Chris has one more date with each woman, and he still doesn't know what he is going to do. 

First up is a date with Becca. Chris meets Becca at the hotel at Dubuque. He hopes to get some clarification. She asks him how he feels, and he pauses before saying, "I want everything that you can give me. I'm struggling here." Becca says she's falling in love, but she's not there yet. He doesn't want to know about that. He wants to know if she can see a future... if she questions the small town life.

She says she knows it won't be easy, but she wants to be with him. Chris is really uneasy when Becca says she can't offer a timeline. He's just trying to understand where they are and when they will get there.

"Why don't you feel like you are in love with me?"

She badly wants to be able to answer that is honest and is the answer he wants to hear. I know Chris is trying to make a clear decision, but it sounds more like he is picking a fight.

Becca feels like there should be steps, but she can't say what they are because she's never been there.

She admits of being scared of moving to Arlington and it not working out. The fear is real. He tells her they can figure that out.

Chris didn't get the answers he wanted necessarily, but he was able to get from her that she wants him.

I think the fact that he is so torn over her is the key here.

Now, it's time for his final date with Whitney, and he will see if there is any clarity. Whitney comes back out to the farm for their date. 

She may be just a little too excited about a day of harvesting corn. It's so not fair that she's going to be around the family again.

When she hops up in the Harvester, he gets really technical about the equipment. She's all about it though... She can see him in his happy place. She likes what she sees. This is it for them and their children. She may be counting the chickens before they hatch.

After pointing out the various farms he and his family own, they pull in to the bachelor pad. He plans to let his wife decorate it. She thinks it feels all right. She's in awe over what she believes is her new home.

This date is nowhere near as emotional as sitting around the hotel room with Becca. Becca got the short end of the stick.

Meanwhile, I'm getting in an argument on Twitter with an Iowa native because I was joking about the hill I didn't see in the cornfield. 

That evening, Whitney gets a night at the hotel to spend more time with Whitney. They had a great day, but he still hasn't had his light bulb moment.

The way she says all the right things, I'm not sure if she is sincere. It seems like too much with her. Is she sincere or does she just want farmer babies? The fact that she leads him into the bedroom may answer that question.

She asks him if he has any final thoughts to share. Whitney thinks she can read his mind and finish his sentences though she can't really verbalize all that she feels.  Not sure if Chris wants a mind reader, but...

Whitney says she's scared. At least she finally seems a little more real. He "reciprocates" though. He feels good in this place with her though.

Whitney feels love looking into Chris' eyes. As confident as she feels, she does admit to the cameras that she knows there is another woman. With that, the date is over.

Chris wakes up in Dubuque realizing his life will change today... the day he has been waiting for. Two women are perfect for him, but he still lacks clarity. 

It's time to meet with the jeweler. It's pretty bad to be picking out a ring, but not being sure who you are giving it to. Chris does have a point when he asks himself if every man doesn't question his choice up to the last minute.

The proposal (or lack thereof) will take place in the loft of a barn where he raised his first pig. You can't make this stuff up. 

He isn't so sure he isn't making a mistake. He hates making this choice.

The first woman to roll up to the barn where trying to deck it out is much like putting lipstick on a pig is... {insert drumroll}


I may cry.

He's not sure what he's going to do when he sees her.

Chris tells her there's always been something there. That he could always see himself with her. If this is a break-up, it's a lousy one. "But you're not really ready. I have to go with my heart and my gut." He tells Becca that it's not fair to either of them to take the leap right now.

Becca graciously tells him that he will make an amazing husband, and with that, there is an awkward silence before giving one another a goodbye hug.

Maybe I am too mean when it comes to Whitney, but I don't believe for a second she would have been as graceful in her exit. I imagine dirty looks and screaming like a cat in heat.

Becca wanted to be in love, and wonders if it will happen. She may have been and didn't realize it.

Happy is not a word I would use to describe Chris as he waits for Whitney's arrival.

Whitney is greeted by Chris Harrison. 

Whitney is well aware this could be one of the happiest days of her life or one of the saddest. She may pass out. Chris can't speak for her giving a monologue. It's like she is going to talk him into it.

Finally, he starts talking about the first time he met her stepping out of the limo. About crashing a wedding together. How he thought, "this woman is perfect for me." Seeing his family react to her...

All of a sudden, it feels right and perfect. He finally says, "I love you." He gets down on his knee and opens the ring box. I gag just a little bit as he asks her to marry him. He slips the ring over her pink fingernails he had made fun of the day before.

He then reaches for the final rose and asks if she will accept it. She won't shut up.

They quickly roll into "After the Final Rose" and there IS NO WAITING before Harrison brings Farmer Chris out. 

My plot twist evidently is not going to happen because Chris happily claims that Whitney is the perfect person for him.

Before they bring Whitney out, Harrison has to ask about Becca. There was just that something he was looking for, but couldn't find. It boiled down to where they were in being ready for a family NOW.

It hasn't been hard for Whitney to watch all this because she will only watch the dates they went on together and no one else's. I can kind of see that, but grow up and be confident, Whitney.

They bring Becca back out to talk first. How do they start this? Becca said it was harder to watch the episode than she expected. She really did have feelings, but as usual, she has a lot of grace about it.

They chatter on, and as they do, I think about how well the bachelor (or bachelorette) always fakes it up to the end, then all of a sudden, they are so crazy in love with the person they chose.

Harrison asks Becca if she thinks after all of this, she can fall in love now... after working through the process with Chris, being pushed and growing.  It was honestly the most boring conversation ever. Like ever.

For the first time in public, here's Chris and Whitney. She's the happiest girl in the world.

When asked what he loves about Whitney, he stumbles out that it is her beauty. Then, that he wanted something like his sisters. He really wanted someone like his sisters which is kind of creepy in how he said it.

Chris Harrison asks Whitney about watching the season, and she said she lived it, so she didn't need to see anything but their dates. She didn't want to see him with other women. Since she isn't living in a bubble, Whitney did hear some things via social media, etc.

Harrison wants some drama - as do all of us by this point - and prods to see if Chris and Whitney have talked about how conflicted Chris was at the end.

To liven things up, they show a clip after the engagement of Mom and Dad Soules walking down the road to see what happened. Mom is already pushing on them to be making babies.

Still looking for dramatics, Harrison goes out to crazy Ashley S. He brings up his invitation about Bachelor in Paradise, and asks if he can get an answer. She says maybe.

This is so boring, that I'm tweeting with Jamie Otis (sort of...she's favoriting the Tweets I sent her), former contestant and star of Married at First Sight. Can't wait for the new season of that show!

Trying to bring more drama, Harrison calls Whitney out on her visits to Arlington. And when that falls flat, they bring out Jimmy Kimmel. I think Jimmy Kimmel is going to start showing clips she hasn't seen when she comes on tonight.

The most interesting thing thus far is the gift Jimmy bestows on them. He brings them a cow. Chris is seriously more excited to see the cow than he was to see Whitney. He jumps up to welcome and pet the cow that Jimmy has named Juan Pablo. Could have picked a better name, but...

FINALLY... the big news!

So now, the audience is asked if the new Bachelorette should be Britt or Kaitlyn. Harrison said there had been an even split, but no one seems that into Britt in the audience.

For the first time in Bachelorette history, there is going to be two bachelorettes. The twenty-five men are going to determine who they are most interested in.

The audience doesn't know what to think. The bachelorettes don't even seem really excited. This too is boring.

I cannot stand Britt. So much so, I don't dislike Kaitlyn so much anymore. Maybe this will be more interesting to blog about.

So, until the summer and Bachelor in Paradise, I guess I am done with Monday night live blogging for a while.

Such a let down.