That was a bust

Well, all the hard work I've put in the last three weeks to have stock ready for a booth today was a complete waste.

There were supposed to be 30+ vendors at the Mabank Pavilion for a Relay for Life race this morning. I was up at 5:15 this morning. That's 5:15 AM on a Saturday when I normally have a 9:00 Saturday rule.

This after seeing 2:00 AM a time or two this week.

I sold three items. Three. Like 1-2-3.

A crocheted headband that I made probably back in October.

A plaque that was one of the first I did.

A jewelry holder.

I spent what money I made after paying for a booth on paint pens at Walmart on the way back home. (Though the positive is I found colors I had not been able to get here in town.)

Once I got home, I had to put up this mess, and try to reclaim my house for a home not disaster area. (I guess it's the dining room, but it's mainly the room that connects all other rooms. You go through it to the kitchen, to get to the stairs, get to the hall to the bedrooms...)

Now that it's warmed up, I'm going to move plants back out of sunroom and have it set up to be more of a studio since my drawing table is out there. It's been too cold to be out there lately.

So, lesson learned... stop staying up all hours of the night. And here's to hoping we do better at the next two events I have scheduled.