Once upon a time, I was a graphic designer

You know what's really sad? The fact that I majored in art in college and planned to be a graphic designer, and haven't had any software on my computer to design a logo or ad to put on my online store for The Crafty Dad and Daughter.

In fact, when I graduated, I did work as a graphic designer for a year. Then, I taught for a semester before becoming a publicist. That was 14 years ago. Wow. I'm getting old.

My versions of Windows left my versions of Adobe Illustrator and Creative Suite in the dust, and I've not needed them enough to justify the high cost of the software, so I've been at a loss trying to do a simple graphic. Thankfully, one night a graphic designing friend posted about Canva, so I got on and did a little designing.

I found the hammer and paintbrush that I wanted, but I couldn't find a similar ball of yarn without a background except for this one with the bird on it. I know. Kind of strange. I kind of like the quirkiness of having the bird on it. I should have brought it down more, but it didn't cover the gold line quite right anyway, and I didn't have the option of deleting that one line on that side.

What do you think?