I really need to get crafty again

I doubt that any one of you has missed posts of my latest crafty creations. Maybe SOMEONE has.

Since I finished off Christmas stockings on Christmas day, I've taken a two week vacation from making anything new, and it's honestly been a relief. However, I'm about to have to jump back in and start making things again. After all, I have all those MDF pieces I bought last week that I need to stick on things.

Earlier this week, I sent some pieces over to Dad's for him to paint. I told him there was no rush, so he could take his time and paint them so that I could use either side as the front.

Other than all that I sent over there, Dad has not decided he needs to take a break. I'm not even sure what all he has cut out over at his house since we bought some wood the other day. He's supposed to have it on hand for when we need specific things, but part of me fears he's cut up the whole thing. That means I need to get to work too.

We had a bit of a tiff over something the other day, so I don't even want to talk about it with him right now. He knows I don't want to talk about it either, so it's been an interesting past few days. Working with family can be rough at times.

Anyway, the next event it looks like we are doing is this one in March. I'm working on the application now.