Mom's new question

As I talked about yesterday, there have been some things stressing me out and making me anxious lately. I really haven't said that in a while. There have been things that have at one time or another, but I haven't flat out said it in as many words. (Even though one particular thing has been nagging at me for about a year now and has gotten progressively worse.)

My mom isn't always the most sympathetic person on the planet. To her defense, she comes by it honestly. (I don't always feel terribly sympathetic myself.) However, she has a new question, and I think it's one asked out of concern.

"Have you been coloring?"

If you scroll back to last week, I wrote a little bit about joining the coloring band wagon. In the past week I have. To the extent of trying to decide if I am going to use some gift card money to get me more really nice Prismacolors. I dug out more colored pencils from my art supply stash, and the expensive ones are really so much better. The only thing holding me back is knowing I'm about to start being crafty again and it will cut into my coloring time.

I think I need to get some of the scripture coloring books. Combine the actual calming act of coloring with the prayer like I wrote about yesterday. I can see the benefit in all the posts I've seen about it.

Or I can get back to crafts and draw out scriptures on plaques. As long as I'm not on a self-imposed deadline due to an event coming up, that has a soothing effect too.