Not the weekend I expected

A few photos before I launch into my story. (More photos at the end too.)

I have learned from past experiences. I know that if I get cold on a retreat, I get miserable. It's happened before. Not bringing enough blankets and not having heat, I've been miserable. It's why I over pack.

So... Friday night. Retreat night one... Our room was fairly large and had one space heater. Between my sleeping bag as a comforter and a blanket, I should have been good. I woke up shivering and with my teeth chattering. I got up to put on a sweatshirt and stand by the space heater to see if I can stop shaking. No such luck. As I sit on my plywood bed, I think, "I can't do this another night. I will find the closest hotel during free time tomorrow, stay through the campfire devotional, spend the night in my hotel, and come back for breakfast Sunday. However, I can't do this again."

I blamed the plywood with maybe two inches of padding as being the reason why my body ached. That and the tense position trying to warm up for cramping up. I woke up exhausted.

Throughout the morning, I felt worse and worse. I never drink anything hot unless I'm miserably cold. The hot chocolate made me feel funny. My legs had goosebumps and I couldn't get warm.

I felt like a complete wimp. I felt like I was flaking on Peyton who wanted me to go with her, but I decided at 2:00 that I had to head home. I felt like a zombie on the 45 minute drive home. Just 5 more minutes that I have to stay awake.

This isn't the first time I haven't slept well. It doesn't normally wear me down so bad.

I slept two or three hours before mom woke me up by calling over here. Not long after she called I got sick.

Stomach virus sick. Violently sick.

For the next few hours, it was horrible. And I was so very thankful I decided to come home when I did. It would have been horrible to end up sick in the camp situation over there.

Thankfully, Dad answered my request to bring me some Diet 7 Up and Coke Zero. Definitely, not how I planned this weekend to go.

Sorry for deserting you Peyton, but enjoy the extra blanket I left you. Just be sure to bring it back on Saturday.