I think we went overboard

After finding the jackpot on some crafty supplies at Canton Trade Days back in November, we were better prepared to go hunt out some items today. We knew what we wanted, and were excited to find everything 40% off.

We might have gotten too eager though. We did scoop up lots of pieces we can use on all sorts of our items. But we didn't plan to get 941 different pieces. Yes, you read that right. We counted them all. 

I think we went overboard. Way overboard. Especially on Christmas ornaments that were smaller than the ones I was originally looking for. I was looking for snowmen too. I don't think I'll ever need snowmen again. 

The challenge in front of me... Organizing all this in the studio. At least we sorted everything before we counted, so we rebagged the items in categories. All the little pieces may have to stay in bags!

Add this to the list of sorting/organizing I had on my list already for tomorrow! I'll let you know how it goes.