Ben isn't messing around with his cuts on #thebachelor

Last week, we didn't get our rose ceremony because all the women told Ben what they really thought about Olivia. The episode ended with Ben talking Olivia off to talk.

I bet she schmoozes him over. I hope I'm wrong.

As Ben and Olivia go off, they all compare notes on what Ben asked all of them and what they told them. Amanda thinks Olivia is gone. Some of the others aren't so sure.

Ben starts off by saying that some of the women said their relationship with her was different than the others, and he's confused by what's going on.

Olivia says that she became a target because of the first impression rose, and the next one she received. They find her aggressive, and she's not into painting her nails and doing each other's hair. She's more into reading books in her room and thinking. She wants to talk smart things. That was not a typo. She doesn't seem quite literate.

Olivia says things are fine in the house. The situation is hard *whimper*, but she can handle it.

They come back on set, and Jennifer is greatly disappointed. She too thought Olivia would have her rose revoked.

Ben says it is getting harder, but now it's time for the rose ceremony. Olivia wipes her snotty nose off on her hand. She doesn't want to talk about it when someone asks what just happened.

Emily is paranoid that everything is going to turn around on her.

Olivia shows all the class by saying in the direct to camera interview that the other women can "come at me bro" and "suck it."

So, rose ceremony. Six roses up for grabs. Olivia still has hers along with Amanda and Lauren H.


Lauren B.




Emily (she was about to die thinking she was going home as an instigator)

Going home is Jennifer. Who knows anything about her anyway?

Ben then tells the women they are headed to the Bahamas. 

Going into commercial, we hear more blah, blah, freakin' blah from Olivia about how she's going to marry Ben, how she's validated, yada yada yada.

When the women arrive in to their hotel in the Bahamas, the beds are huge, the view is great. Chris Harrison arrives to tell the women, that this week there will be a group date, a one-on-one, and a two-on-one.

The first date card reads:

"Caila - Let's see if our love is reel."

She is the first to get a second on-one-one date while Leah laments not having had one. Even Emily had more time with him when she and Haley had their elimination date.

They are going off on a boat and deep sea fishing. He wants to go on another one-on-one with Caila since their first date was the ride along with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. He felt like there was unfinished business there.

While Ben and Caila fish, Leah is bawling in the bathroom. Everyone keeps telling her that if she didn't get a one-on-one this week, she was done. She believed them and thinks she's a fool for being there. She doesn't want a group date and is not going to put herself through a two-on-one. Why wouldn't he want to explore their relationship? They live 5 minutes apart and could have met in a bar. 

The date was boring to me, but I was trying to check Twitter too, and if you've seen one boat date and jumping off into water, you've seen them all. At "dinner" (because no one eats), Ben says that she smiles a lot, but how will she deal if her partner were having issues. He wants her to open up, but she can't really do that. Caila doesn't want to hurt him, but she is not sure if she's ready to open up though she does feel like she's falling in love.

At the hotel, there's a knock at the door with the next card.

Lauren B., Becca, Amanda, JoJo, Lauren H., Leah - Love is unpredictable. 

That leaves Olivia and Emily on the two-on-one. Talk about drama! Olivia thinks Emily is so young. Olivia is 23. Sheesh. She's maybe a year older than Emily. This probably proves that the producers arrange everything to produce the most drama.

Back on the date, Ben gets the most combative that he's been with anyone, but Caila challenged him and got the rose for the date. Still not really sure I got all of that.

The next day, Leah whines that she is reluctant to go on the group date since she is the bottom of the totem pole. Today's whole date is about boat and water. Again. Becca fears sharks. Like this date, they are unpredictable.

They sail out to a private island inhabited by pigs. Pigs start swimming out to them. It's rather bizarre. They are going to feed the pigs chicken hot dogs. Ben tells them that if they cross their arms over their chest in an X that the pigs will go away.

While some are holding baby pigs, others our squealing in fear louder than the pigs.

At the hotel, Emily calls up Haley to tell her that she's going to have to go on the two-on-one with Olivia. Haley warns her to be careful since Olivia will bait her.

On the date, Leah is whining again about being there because she gets no time. What she needs to do is go interrupt whatever is going on with Lauren B.

Ben feels very uncomfortable today. All the women tend to be acting weird. Ben thinks JoJo gets that the group dates are awkward. No one knows how to act with the pigs hanging around and people wandering in and out of the water.

Leah finally gets her time and cries to Ben about feeling like a group date groupie while pigs squeal in the background. I'm ready for her to send herself home. Her conversation didn't clear anything up for her. I think she's cried to every other woman on the date.

After they gussy themselves up for the cocktail party, they talk about how odd the date was and how no one seemed connected today. Ben doesn't want to walk away from the night with anything unsaid.

Ben takes Becca off first. He wants to make the most of the night. He tells Becca she seemed stand-offish. She says she wasn't going to be bring it up, but it seemed awkward because everyone saw a connection with he and Lauren B. Becca is mature enough to say some of the right things and they share a moment.

Ben realizes after talking to Becca that he needs to communicate more clearly with the women and let them know how he feels. Amanda is next on the conversation list. He strokes each of their egos, one by one. He sucks face with one right after the other.

At the hotel, the last date card arrives.

Two women, one rose. One stays, one goes. ~ Chris Harrison

Emily and Olivia - Let's sea what the Bahamas has in store for us. ~ Ben

Olivia now admits that she and Emily are the same age, but Olivia says she feels like she's going to be the mom on the date. She is going to act like it's a one-on-one. 

As Ben takes his turns with each woman, the rest talk about how close they are getting to introducing Ben to their families.

When it is Leah's turn, she's ready to tell him like it is. Leah tells Ben that some of the women are not being genuine with him. She throws Lauren B. under the bus. That's as far as the conversation goes before Lauren B. pops into the room. He is bothered by the comments Leah just made and can't shake them from his mind.

He brings up what Leah just said with him. Lauren says she doesn't know how to respond. I don't really like her, but I don't know what she did to deserve that. She goes back to the group in tears and explains what happened. Leah enters the room, "what's going on?" Leah lies and says she'd never single someone out. That's cold. So cold.

Ben comes back in the room (he was with Lauren H., I think). It's time to hand out the rose for the date. He gives it to Amanda. Lauren B. thinks about why she didn't get the rose. Was it because of something someone said?

Ben leaves them so that he can get ready for his interesting day tomorrow.

When they get back to the hotel, Emily sympathizes with Lauren B. about what happened. Everyone figures out it has to be Leah causing the trouble.

Leah was in the bathroom the whole time fixing herself up to go over to his place and finish telling Ben about how awful Lauren B. is. Anything to give her a better chance.

Ben is surprised when Leah arrives. Leah says Ben needs to know more about her, but is being overshadowed. She does not think Ben needs to be with Lauren B., so she's going to go off about her. She doesn't want to talk bad things about Lauren, or so she says, but they see more things in the house than he does. Leah says Lauren doesn't care as much as she acts like to Ben. Leah calls Lauren catty and less than genuine. She says she isn't there to sabotage.

Ben wanted to make the most of his time with Leah, but the more she talks about Lauren B, the more disconnected he realizes he and Leah are. He tells her something is missing. It doesn't feel right to him, so he asks if it feels right with her. She says yes, but he thinks it's best to send her home now. They had such a spark on the first night that he hasn't wanted to cut her loose, but he sees it's time now. Leah says that she wouldn't have said anything if she knew he would send her home tonight. She feels foolish, but thinks Ben's a fool for letting her go.

I give him credit for that. Not sure if it was just because of her obsession or could see through her lies. Oops, no, he's wondering if anything she said was true.

Olivia is uber excited. Even though they haven't had a one-on-one yet, she and Ben have been writing their beautiful love story. 

Emily and Olivia face different directions in the back seat of the car. They can't even look at each other. Ben has his day cut out for him. He hugs Olivia first, which I am sure that is some secret code.

The wind is blowing like crazy, there looks like a storm is coming, and with the speed boat, their hair is EVERYWHERE.

Ben sees a different Emily since Haley left, and he wants to see more. Last week Ben connected with Olivia again, but then by the end of the week, was less than sure.

It's super quiet and awkward at their windy picnic. He takes Olivia off first. After all, their love is so fantastic. He asks her about last week, and she talks about not being friends with people she wouldn't normally be friends with. She's at peace with who she is. She's very strong and confident and into a variety of things because intellectual things are her jam. You can't make these things up. "Like what?" he asks.

Emily tells Ben she wants today to be the turning point of their journey. She wants to be here more than she has been able to express. She wants him to watch her grow. She wants him there. It's hard to take her seriously with her hair blowing everywhere. Ben tries to help her tame it. He tells her it's been exciting to see the change with her since Haley stayed home.

He sits back with both of them. The rose is there. He picks it up and asks to talk to Olivia. They pick up and head off down the beach.

Olivia is ready to start her life with him. Ben praises her for being able to voice her heart and tell him how she felt. However, he tells her that he cannot reciprocate those feelings at this point. He cannot give her the rose. He leaves Olivia on the beach and turns around to give the rose to Emily.

Back at the hotel, someone comes in to get Olivia's suitcase. The women are surprised given how confident she was. 

Ben and Emily speed off in their speed boat leaving a sobbing Olivia looking like a wet rat on the beach.

Ben decides that he doesn't want to talk to anyone at the cocktail party. He just wants to skip that part. No one will be able to profess love before the next rose ceremony. Chris Harrison makes the announcement to the women.

Lauren H. thinks she's going home. Lauren B. thinks it's her. No, JoJo is crying because it's her. It's going to be one of them.

Three roses are being handed out. Caila, Amanda and Emily are safe.



One of the Laurens stays. One goes.

Lauren B. gets the rose.

Lauren H. is gone. Of the Laurens, I liked her better. She says her goodbyes as instructed by Chris Harrison.

"Why is it so hard to fall in love?" she asks as she takes her ride of shame to the airport.

Next week, it's more tears. From Ben. From Emily, Caila, and everyone else I am sure. Before it's over, he will tell two women he loves them. We know Emily meets his parents.

If I am interpreting the previews right, he sends someone home right before proposal, changes his mind, and decides to call up the one he just sent home right before. DRAMA! That actually intrigues me though.