I'm in love with you. I have fallen in love with you. I love you. #thebachelor

Before the show even starts tonight, we learn that all three women tell Ben Higgins that they love him. We know that he loves two of them. Who gets really hurt tonight?

Love is in the air in Jamaica. Three overnight dates are in store for the evening. 

According to Ben, Caila has her beauty and smile going for her. He's worried because she is so happy all the time and can't express her true feelings. She wants someone she can cry with. 

For Ben, Lauren is the closest he's ever experienced love at first sight. He feels like he is chasing after his first crush. Is this too good to be true? Why hasn't someone snapped her up already? She doesn't know where she stands.

Then, there's JoJo. He feels more like himself with JoJo than anyone else. He's confident when he's with her. She's fun. However, the hometown date was an emotional roller-coaster, and her brothers almost scared him off.

After we hear what Ben thinks about the women, we get a taste of where the women are in their heads. Caila seems all bubbly. Lauren doesn't know where she stands. JoJo knows her family may have freaked Ben out. 

The first date goes to Caila. 

After a great date in her hometown last week, Ben feels like they are in the best place they have ever been. He says something about the deepest relationship being with her. 

They go on a river rafting date. It kind of screams perfect Disney ride. Sounds of nature. peaceful waters. They are oddly quiet. There isn't much talking. Caila feels anxious knowing there are two other women still there. She wants to profess her love, but she's having a hard time getting out of her head. 

Ben keeps telling her to stop stressing out and to enjoy it. Ben knows something is on her mind because she isn't talkative and describes her as melancholy. They float up to a shack with a grill and are presented with jerk chicken. In the middle of nowhere. He tries to get her talking over their drink in some kind of coconut. 

He tries to get her to open up. She knows this may scare him off, yet she still acts like that. She doesn't want to ruin the rest of the day.

Walking into the evening portion of the date, Ben isn't sure what to think. They greet each other like they haven't spent the whole day together. She doesn't want to be reserved anymore. 

Ben starts off by asking if they can talk about why she wasn't bubbly today. She's much different tonight and does tell him that it's hard because there are two other people there and she had not started thinking so much about that until the last rose ceremony. That scares her because she knows they are all probably feeling the same thing. In the past, she's always had a gut feeling that a relationship wasn't right. Ben is different though. She finally spits it out, "I'm in love with you." He says nothing, but starts sucking face with her. 

That's what he wanted to hear. All is right with the world again. With that, he gives her the fantasy suite card. She promptly accepts. 

With that, they have a make out in the ocean under fireworks moment. Then, he puts his shirt on and she's still in her bikini, and they go off to the bedroom. 

The next morning, she wakes up looking quite put together. Ben asks if she always wakes up like that. Of course, after waking up with him once, she feels like she can wake up with him for the rest of her life. 

Caila loves Ben and though she says that he cannot say it to her, she feels like he loves her. She kind of said it in an Olivia way.

Ben has to go off so that he can have his next date.

Next up is Lauren.

She too wants to wants to profess her love. She shows up in her skank clothes. Her cutoff jean shorts are so short her swimsuit is coming out the back and bottom and wherever. Her shirt comes down to her midriff. 

They too go on a boat to their next location. They are going to release a nest of newborn turtles. They dig up the nest, then wash baby turtles before putting them back in a bucket. 

They pray over the bucket of babies before releasing them to crawl out to the ocean. She feels like the luckiest girl in the world to be a part of this. 

The turtles are cute, I have to admit.

From there they hang out on a blanket on the beach. Ben tells Lauren that he really loved her family. He tells her about crying when her sister asked what made him different than any other guy who would want to be with her sister. He says that he thinks she may be too good for him. She says that she's thought the same way about him. 

That night they have their own special concert with a reggae band. Her clothes that night still scream skank, in my opinion. The sit down over "dinner" (because they never eat) to talk. She echos Caila's conversation of saying that this past week was the first week she really struggled and that she may be a little guarded.

Lauren tells Ben it's all very real for her that he is the man of her dreams. She's freaking out on the inside and having a hard time making her admission of love. She doesn't say it before getting the suite card. She is excited because as she tells him, she needs the time with just him. 

Once they get into the suite, Lauren finally says, "I am completely in love with you. You really are the man of my dreams. You make me feel in a way I didn't even know I could feel. I've been feeling this for a while. This isn't new."

Ben actually uses his words this time in response. He says that she's known he's been in love with her for a while too. He says it more than once to her before the cameras leave for the night. 

The next morning, we hear Ben call out, "honey, I made breakfast."

Last night Ben thinks they got confidence in each other. It was oddly worded. They are all happy. Lauren says that Ben's her person. She's been watching too much Grey's Anatomy

Finally, it's JoJo's turn. 

Ben knows that he's complicated things because he told Lauren that he loves her. He decides if he can't tell JoJo the same thing at the end of the date, he has to let her go. 

What she wants to talk with him about the most is what happened with her brothers. But first, they have to go off on a helicopter and see horses in the ocean (yes, you read that right). 

Once they land, they end up on a trail where they find beautiful waterfalls. They take a giant leap into the water and spend time swimming and sitting on rocks in the water. The jump off into the water makes her want to jump into telling Ben her feelings. 

JoJo has no doubts that she sees a future with him. She has her "I love you" moment with Ben. She has to keep talking since he is silent. He says, "JoJo, I love you too." There's a look of shock on her face when he says it. She's like, "can you say that?"

It's all kissy, kissy, makeout in the water again. 

Ben doesn't know what to do now. He's in love with two women and has even said it. That's a no no. He can't imagine saying "goodbye" to either. (You say goodbye to the one with the insane family.)

They call each other "Beautiful" and "Babe" when they meet back up that night. 

Now Ben is the one in the awkward, confused spot now that he has confessed his love twice. She is on Cloud 9 and feels good about moving forward since they have both said they love one another. He acts nervous though when he says that he had no hesitation saying he loved her. 

Ben's hang-up is that he doesn't think he will have the support of JoJo's family. Cue her asking what happened last week with her brothers. He talks about the tension and how he was put on the spot with one of their smart comments. 

JoJo explains they were nervous and didn't want to see her come home hurt again. Love, love, I love you, love, I've fallen in love with you, I'd be devastated to lose you, love. You didn't run. Forever, kiss, love, kiss. Fantasy suite card. 

They have a private hot tub. A huge one at that. 

The next morning, JoJo feels better than she's ever felt. It's the third very happy, confident woman who has had breakfast in bed.

JoJo has no doubts the two of them are in it together. She has no clue that he's in love with someone else too. 

Now comes the time to figure out what to do. 

He had an amazing time with Caila, but he just wasn't able to say he loved her. It's just been different with her. There's something missing. He knows he's going to have to say goodbye to her. 

Since her date, she's been thinking he felt the same thing for her that she felt for him. She loads up in a car and is taken to where Ben is. She wants to see him because she misses the man she's in love with. 

He is sitting outside thinking deep, not realizing Caila is looking for him. How odd he's just sitting there with the camera on him. Caila comes up behind him, covers his eyes and kisses him. 

Ben is surprised. "What are you doing here?" She wants to remind him that a relationship with her will be fun and exciting. He needs a minute to collect his thoughts. She's all excited, but he knows he has to say goodbye to her now. 

They sit down to talk. She knows something is up with him this time. He has a hard time putting his words together. He admits he's in love with two women here, but he wasn't able to say it back to her. Although it's hard to say goodbye, he has to say it now to her. Caila says she's going to go now. (Uh, yeah.) Ben asks if he can walk her out, and she hesitantly says yes. The limo looks like it's going to have a flat tire. 

He puts her in the car and closes the door. She hops back out and asks if he knew this week. She wants an answer. Did he know this was coming earlier in the week? 

Ben tells her that all three women expressed the same feelings, and he had to decide how to respond each time. He will miss her, or so he says. He puts her in the car again. This time she buckles up and the tears start to fall. It's a big emotional crash. She was so happy to see Ben and wanted to surprise him, but she's the one that got the surprise. 

Ben's a little teary-eyed himself. At least he doesn't have to do that at the rose ceremony in front of the others. However, he's already hoping he didn't make a mistake. 

After coming back from commercial break, JoJo arrives for the rose ceremony. She is greeted by Chris Harrison like it's the final, final, proposal ceremony. Lauren arrives shortly after. Chris also asks her how she is and how the week has been. She tells him about the reciprocated "I love you" which kind of surprises him. She joins JoJo in the most sunlit rose ceremony ever. 

The two women chat a little bit and wonder where Caila is. Ben meets them outside and states the obvious - Caila is not here. Here we stand with two roses and two women. He has to go through the formality. Whose name will he say first?


Lauren gets hers too. So awkward as they walk back to their spot, then he gives them both a hug at once. Group hug! Sister wives!

We have to wait two weeks to see who he picks because next week is "Women Tell All."