I would rather have a cookie

There has only been one other time that I have been so ready for March 1.

(That one time I was looking more forward to March 1 was the last leap year. Four years ago. I hated the fact that there was a February 29. You can look back at my blogs from four years ago as to why. On slightly different subject, my memories on Facebook popping up have been interesting the past couple of weeks. Four years ago, I was looking for a job. Three years ago, I was packing up to move from a duplex to a house.)

Anyway, this year, I am so ready for the election primaries to be over and done with. If all of you, all over the country are already tired of all the election talk, you ought to be glad you don't live in District 8 for the Texas House of Representatives.

There are two local Republicans running for this Texas House seat. It's turned into mud slinging, but I haven't even read what all of that is about.

It's a good thing that both men come from the county's most wealthy families or it would be an unfair fight. I doubt more money has ever been spent ever on a primary for a state representative election, even for more populous areas than this district.

The amount of money spent on advertising is RIDICULOUS. The favorite advertising tool between the both of them is mail pieces. I cannot tell you how many pieces of mail I have received over the past month.

I am not kidding you when I say that earlier this week there were 6 pieces of mail for this one race. After a day of no mail yesterday, there were 7 pieces today - 6 promoting one of the two candidates.

One man's wife wrote a letter that was mailed out to all registered voters talking about how the other man lied. Another day, one of the multiple piece days, one of the mailers was a promotion from the man's preacher, complete with the minister's headshot photo.

They've also had the biggest door knob ads I have ever seen. The amount of money spent on multiple full color over-sized postcards daily has to be astronomical. At least the printing companies are making money.

I can't imagine how ready the postal carriers are to be past this particular election.

Might I also point out that all of this is particularly wasted on all the people voting Democrat without a horse in the race.

There have also been door-to-door visits and phone calls. Oh, and one of the guys has bought online ads on phone games. I can't play Words with Friends without his face popping up on a commercial.

Mr. Words with Friends was also making his own phone calls yesterday. Actually doing the calling himself from the company his family owns. I quickly, but kindly, got off the phone with him. However, it wasn't until I hung up that I had a genius thought.

You see, his family owns the big famous bakery in town. I should have told him that he would have had more votes if he would mail us a cookie every day instead of talking smack about his opponent every day with his latest mailer. I wish I had told him he had my vote if he would give me an Italian Cream Cake. (I bought a single slice at the bakery the other day and it was oh, so good.)

If he stops by the house again, I think I will tell him exactly that.