Letitia Suk invites readers to take a “Getaway with God”

How a simple day away can recharge

your soul and transform your life

Our spiritual lives can often resemble our cell phones at the end of the day. The battery is run down and in need of a charge. Sometimes we are down to 2% before we even realize it. It’s important we reconnect to our power source. Even a single day set aside to recharge fully with God can do wonders for the soul. In Getaway with God: The Everywoman’s Guide to Personal Retreat (Kregel Publications/ November 27, 2016/ISBN 978-0825444159/$14.99), Letitia Suk offers women a step-by-step, no-excuses guide to getting back in sync with God.

Many women are desperate for more time with God, but with the demands of modern life, simply getting up earlier in the day to fit in a longer devotion is no longer a viable — or fulfilling — option. Every now and then, concentrated time alone with the Father is just what the soul needs to reconnect with Him and refresh for the journey ahead. Getaway with God provides step-by-step guidance and the necessary tools to enable any woman to plan time away — whether a work day, a weekend, or even a full week — on any budget.

“Time after time, year after year, I come away filled with a renewed sense of purpose, clarity of vision, trust in God’s ability to untie all the knots of my life and an overwhelming sense of being loved after my getaways,” Suk shares. “Many of us are familiar with the relationship boost a getaway with our spouse or family can provide, and a getaway with God has the same results for our souls.”

While the idea of pulling away for a night or two might sound enticing, the practicalities of such a venture are enough to stop most women before they even begin. Suk addresses many of the common questions that arise, such as: 

    Getaway with God Letitia Suk
  • Where should I go?
  • How long should I stay?
  • Will it cost a lot of money?
  • Should I fast?
  • What would I do? Pray the whole time?
  • Do I need a structured plan?

With a warm and inviting voice, Suk walks readers through exploring the type of retreat they need most (restorative, listening or goal-setting) and then provides all the details needed to plan and implement it, including templates offering ideas of what to do each hour.

The second half of Getaway with God focuses on designing a five-day life-review retreat, including guided questions and ways to bring the retreat home. The longer retreats are a way to reflect on the past, present and future, especially after significant life transitions such finishing school, job changes or children leaving home for college. The practical appendices provide optional retreat exercises, tips on how to change your picture of prayer and how to find retreat centers nationwide, as well as a checklist for what to bring.

Suk’s soothing and mentoring style will assure readers that sometimes the best thing they can do is retreat, and no matter their season of life, the time for retreat is now.

Advance Praise

“As women, we can get so caught up in taking care of others and in our to-do lists that we lose track of nurturing the most important relationship of all — the one with God. This book is a gentle, beautiful invitation to say yes to the Lord’s invitation to come with him to a quiet place. Letitia provides step-by-step instructions to those who desire them, but also encourages women to find their own retreat path. She shares her own journey with humility and grace. It’s a book any woman at any stage of life or spirituality will learn from and savor.”
~ Melanie Rigney, author of Blessed Are You: Finding Inspiration from Our Sisters in Faith

Getaway with God taps our deep longing for space of our own. In a world with lots of noise and little quiet, the personal retreat becomes a countercultural — and life-giving — choice. Let Letitia Suk walk you through your doubts, fears, questions, and reticence.”
~ Jane Rubietta, international speaker, author of 19 books, including Worry Less So You Can Live More

About the author

Letitia Suk is an author and life coach who is passionate about helping women create a purposeful life and experience the fullness God offers. She writes about intentionality in the day-to-day — family life, spirituality, holidays and friendships.

Suk received her Personal Life Coach certification from the Coach Training Alliance in 2003. She has served as a hospital chaplain for nearly a decade and is a sought-after speaker for women’s events and retreats. Suk has had more than 100 articles appear in various print publications and is the author of Rhythms of Renewal and Getaway with God: The Everywoman’s Guide to Personal Retreat.

Suk lives in the Chicago area with her husband, Tom. They have four grown children and three grandchildren.

Learn more about Getaway with God and Letitia Suk at www.letitiasuk.com, on Facebook (Letitia.Suk.Author) and via Twitter (@LetitiaSuk).