You don't have to make everything

I'm proud of my dad. At this weekend's event, he found something to buy that wasn't fudge. He's not usually much of a shopper, but he found something unique. The man next to us made birds out of old golf clubs, balls and tees. I wish I had a picture to share. I'm going to have to take one. 

Dad doesn't play golf, but decided he needed one. In one moment, he claims he doesn't know what he's going to do with it and the next he says it's going up on the mantel after Christmas.

I found some lights to hang in my studio. Actually, one may come upstairs. I couldn't resist buying two. These are puzzle lights. As I walked back to my booth with one of them, one of the women next to us asked if I was going to make some because there was a pattern out there for the pieces. I said I'm sure so, but why make when you can buy. I don't have time! They are cool. I would enjoy it, I'm sure, but I'd rather share some love and spend some money. 

One of the worst things is for someone to come up to your booth and say, "hey you (or Mary or Bob) could make this." Someone was looking at our book letters. We didn't invent the idea, but the two women were standing three feet from me talking about how one of them should use some of the books they had to do it. My dad would tell them good luck since they are harder to cut than a 2x4.

Get your ideas, then walk 10 feet away before you decide you'll make it. Not going to say I haven't gotten ideas before, but I don't advertise it at someone's booth.