That came and went relatively painlessly

I'm not going to lie. I haven't been looking to my 40th birthday.

It seems old. It seems like a milestone without... I don't know. Things I wish I had/had done?

But today was the day. I really expected to be in my annual birthday to New Year's funk. I really wasn't this year. Part of it is that I've just been too busy to be in a funk. Too exhausted from being busy.

I worked. I'm using my birthday day off next week to take the week off. After getting off, my parents and I ordered a pizza and brownies. Mom actually ordered a giant cookie with "Happy Birthday" on it too. We ate at their house, and I headed home to finish some sports signs ahead of an event.

Angie took me to lunch yesterday to celebrate. A group of friends had planned to meet at a restaurant in a nearby town, but a couple ended up unable to make it, so I suggested rescheduling. I don't think we'll be able to meet before Christmas after all, so ended up with a lost opportunity.

It definitely wasn't the trip to Alaska on a cruise that I really wanted. Instead for Thanksgiving week, I'm headed to with my parents to Branson. As I told my Grandmother when she said, "I guess you will be celebrating all next week," it has nothing to do with my birthday. (It really doesn't.) To go to Branson (a place I really don't like) for my 40th would be depressing. We're going because we got a deal on a condo and we're escaping everyone for Thanksgiving. I do like the condo, and thankfully, there's not many shows going on during the holiday week, so I won't be begged to go or dragged to see them.

Regardless, I survived, unscathed.