Tanika Fitzgerald shares her story of loss to help other women learn to wait on God

One woman’s journey from

incredible pain to extraordinary faith

Tanika Fitzgerald shares her story of loss
to help other women learn to wait on God

According to the March of Dimes, somewhere between 15-25% of known pregnancies end in miscarriage. Despite the fact so many women share a common loss, they endure the grief of miscarriage alone and in silence. Many feel a sense of guilt or shame, as though what happened was somehow their fault. Others simply don’t want to burden others with their pain. No matter the reason, the dark season following the loss of a baby can shake the faith of even the most faithful believer. In Miscarried Joy: Moving Beyond Incredible Pain to Extraordinary Faith (Nyree Press/ November 15, 2016), Tanika Fitzgerald offers hope for those dealing with incredible pain of loss, providing help to conquer discouragement and discover new purpose.

After losing three babies due to miscarriage in a short span of time, Fitzgerald’s faith was hanging by a thread. However, through studying the lives of six barren women in the Bible, she discovered God was not causing her pain but rather allowing it in order to bring about a greater objective. “What I noticed is God allowed the waiting season in their lives for a specific purpose. I also realized in each of their situations, God’s timing was absolutely perfect,” Fitzgerald explains. “I think the purpose of this pain was for me to have a more personal and intimate understanding of who God is in my life and what He is able to do.”

Like her biblical counterparts, Fitzgerald was pushed to a posture of prayer, which moved her heart from questioning God to having total confidence in Him. She learned to surrender her desires, get beyond her own disappointment and trust His plan.

Miscarried Joy is written with biblical depth, heart-filled transparency and a voice of passion and understanding that will lead readers to:

  • Recognize God’s heart in the midst of incredible pain
  • Discover the importance of trusting God’s plan over their own
  • Gain strength to let go of bitterness and comparison
  • Learn to appreciate the beauty of their own story
  • Discover and implement spiritual principles and strategies to walk boldly in faith
  • Embrace God’s delay and find contentment in their season of waiting
Fitzgerald wrote Miscarried Joy with a heart for her peers — not only other women living with the pain of miscarriage and infertility, but all women who are waiting to become mothers. Those who have suffered such heartache will find camaraderie, compassion and truth from God’s word to meet them in their particular struggles. However, the truths Fitzgerald presents reach far beyond childbearing and will produce hope, strength and endurance of faith in anyone who finds themselves in a season of waiting.

Miscarried Joy guides readers to wait well as they walk through the valley to discover life-giving purpose that can only be found on the other side of heartbreaking pain.

Learn more about more about Miscarried Joy at www.miscarriedjoy.com, on Facebook (tanikafitzgerald) and via Twitter (TR_Fitzgerald).

Advance Praise

“This book is so beautifully written. It is relatable, poignant, encouraging, empowering, and no doubt, God-breathed. I think any woman who reads this book and struggles in the area of bringing children into the world will close it feeling as if she has just had a real heart-to-heart with a sister-friend who understands her plight and has encouraged her to feel the pain, but not become it. The biblical principles mixed with practical understanding is superb. The transparency and empathy displayed in Miscarried Joy is healing.”
~ LaKeisha Rainey-Collins, blogger and author of Beautiful Me

About the author

Tanika Fitzgerald works in consumer insights and strategy for a Fortune 100 company and holds an MBA in Strategic Marketing and Management from Arizona State University. She has enjoyed a successful career in that field for the past decade but is now taking a new direction, combining her career passion with her spiritual calling. Balancing her full-time job with her love of the written word, Fitzgerald writes to inspire and help women around the globe grow spiritually, live balanced lives and be armed for victory in every area of life.

In 2012, Fitzgerald founded ARMED Magazine, a publication created to equip women spiritually for victory in the struggles of everyday life. Her inspirational writing has been featured in numerous publications, including Hope for Women and Black and Married with Kids. She is passionate about using her platform to connect with the Christian community to help others discover their purpose.

Fitzgerald and her husband, Maurice, live in Chicago where they are waiting, in faith, for their first child.

Connect with Tanika Fitzgerald at www.tanikafitzgerald.com, on Facebook (tanikafitzgerald) and on Twitter (TR_Fitzgerald).