For once, Nick uses his brain on tonight's episode of #thebachelor

It was a really long day, which I will have to tell you about later this week, so I may have a shorter blog tonight. I'm starting a little late because I was eating my taco salad first.

Here's how the first 15 minutes went down because I watched while eating:

We are reminded that after a week of Nick sending three women home on dates he freaked out and told the remaining 6 women how freaked out he was. He cried, the women cried, he lamented about whether or not he was going to find someone or waste his time again, the women lamented about whether or not he was going to stay or go home.

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The next morning, Nick talks to Chris Harrison on the beach there in St. Thomas, and Chris point blank asks, "Do you want to call it quits now?" Nick said part of him did. He's been through this before and ended up broken hearted. Nick says something about there's a million ways this can go wrong. You can tell we are only privy to part of that conversation.

Nick then goes up to the suite and tells all the women the week was hard, he's been really thinking about whether or not this... dramatic pause and cut to commercial. Of course, he's going to stay. However, he's scratching the cocktail party and rose ceremony that is supposed to happen that night (because we have to keep the season at the same number of episodes). He tells them all they are leaving and headed for Bimini.

Now, I'm sure they were wondering where in the world Bimini is. I was wondering for a minute too. It's actually in the Bahamas, not far from Miami. This is when I remember reading a book that was partially set there (Charles Martin's Water from My Heart which I highly recommend).

Anyway, there's that. Now I'm still almost 15 minutes behind because I had to pause to finish my last bite, take stuff to the kitchen, type this up and go from there.

They arrive in Bimini to a resort the women say is so great but actually looks like a beach house dump compared to everywhere else they go. The first date card arrives.

"Vanessa - Let's go deeper... Nick."

Kristina reads it and you can hear the disappointment dripping. Corinne calls her a dirty name. She's mad because she has not had a one-on-one at all, so sure not a second one like Vanessa.

Vanessa's date is a sunburn on the top of a yacht. Instead of focusing on them, she talks about being scared herself because of how last week went. She didn't expect him to be so affected. Nick focuses on Danielle as that being his bad week. They were once strong, but he sent her on.

Vanessa is still going on about her fears. They look into each others eyes and talk through sun grins. They are kissy, kissy good before long. Then, they arrive at a shipwreck and go snorkeling.

Back at the house... Corinne asks Rachel what she thinks about Vanessa's date. Corinne thinks Vanessa is supposed to go to open up, but Vanessa doesn't have anything to open up about. She thinks Vanessa has no depth. (Pot... kettle...)

Later in the evening, the next date card arrives. Raven reads it...

"Corinne, Kristina, Raven... let's jump in with both feet first."

Corn is mad again. I have to go back to that again. I can't type her name right twice in a row. She wants a hometown where Nick can meet her nanny, Raquel, who is her best friend. 

At "dinner," Vanessa's toast is to firsts. Her first time on a yacht. First time jumping off a yacht. First time snorkeling. She expects there to be more firsts. Something about the relationship being easy... she's confident. She's falling in love with him... Cue kiss.

He's been in love before. He's fallen in love in this environment before. He's looking for a different love, one greater than he has had before. He likes her, but he's only going to say, "I love you," to one woman this time. He's not going to say it in return is what he's getting at.

This confusing to Vanessa because she thought her relationship was different than all the others. She doesn't want to end up heart-broken at the end of this like Nick was.

Side note: I'm getting further and further behind because I have now had to stop to answer work emails because I am going to be out of the office part of the day tomorrow with jury SELECTION part 2. They're making everyone come back for a second day. We haven't even started voir dire yet. I was at the courthouse 6 hours today. I worked 5 in bits and pieces, and I've been trying to write this blog. If I ever get it finished, I'm going to bed!

Group date time: The last group date. Kristina doesn't know how this is going to go. She has to share her boyfriend with two other girls. The only date rose given out this week is this group date's rose. Raven wants it to know she's going on hometowns. Corn is going to work extra hard. She is, after all, in her own words, the Queen of Group Dates. 

Corn is unimpressed with the yacht. She's in her element, but has been on bigger boats. She is the first to take off her cover up and show off.

Nick breaks out the sunscreen. He really helps Kristina rub it in, especially her inner thigh. Corn isn't digging that.

They see a small island, and Corn really hopes no one is going to get left there. Nick does break the news that they are about to go swimming with sharks. Corn is especially scared. However, when it comes to swimming time, it's Kristina that freaks out and has to go back to the boat. Nick goes back to comfort her. Corn thinks it's all a ploy. Corn can't stand sharing the attention, but knows if she works too hard to get attention it will backfire. That's the smartest thing she's said the whole time. She feels like she's on Kristina's date and just hopes to get through the night.

At the evening portion of the date, Nick says he plans to spend some one-on-one time with each of them. Nick asks Kristina to kick things off. Corn make choke on her olive.

As much as he thinks his relationship is strong with Kristina, he wants to make sure they are ready for a hometown date. They rehash how sending Danielle home was a surprise. Nick doesn't want to force anything or let his emotions get the best of him. He ends up in tears.

Raven and Nick talk next. They talk about her parents and family. Raven lost interest in law school when "Daddy" was diagnosed with lung cancer. Her parents are role models as they are still together after 38 (?) years.

Meanwhile at the hotel, the last date card arrives.

"Danielle - Let's ride off into the sunset together."

She's the one I am surprised is still around. 

Then, it's Corn's time. She says she didn't want to be that girl that carries on about being the only one without a one-on-one. She seems a little bit human as she says she's nervous. Nick tells her it's fine that he brought it up. Her two-on-one ended up with important time together. She tries to seduce her way into the rose.

When it's time to hand out the date rose, Nick gives it to Raven, leaving the others crushed. He tells the other two he will see them at the rose ceremony and takes Raven off for some special time. A semi-private concert.

The next morning, Corn whines to Kristina about not feeling secure. But, "Corinne is going to be Corinne until she gets her fiance."

Onto the date with Danielle. The bike around the island. There's been a long time between their dates. Has their relationship progressed? 

They play some basketball with the local kids. She's falling for him and thinks all is great. They sit down, and he brings up hometowns. He asks where in Wisconsin they would be going. He doesn't seem like he wants to go to his home state. Instead of south to her family, she's thinking north to her cabin.

He's not feeling it. He thinks the conversation is strained and that they need to catapult the relationship before hometowns.

Back at the house, there is another knock at the door. The fourth and final date card. "Rachel - let's get a taste of the local flavor." 

She is so very excited. 

Back to the evening portion of Danielle's date... The boringness of chit chat over "dinner." He seems more into it, at least for a moment. Maybe they are just a couple of Wisconsin kids with some things in common. The last guy she took home to her family was her fiance who died. The date is awkwardly quiet. She finally is able to speak and says her heart is fully open to him. She can't tell where he is.

Nick thinks they have a friendship, but doesn't see a future with her. He decides he needs to let her go then and there. He walks her out so she can go get her things and head home. She is able to tell the other women goodbye before leaving. A distraught Danielle gets in the limo and heads off.

Corinne didn't seem Nick and Danielle together, but is sad to see someone so sweet go home. She decides now she needs to become aggressive. She finishes off another glass or two of wine (she is ALWAYS drinking), decides get clean herself up, puts on her makeup and slutty clothes, and goes off in her way to high heels to see Nick at his hotel room.

This is where I should swear off the show for good.

Nick asks why she is there. She claims she came to see if he was ok. He hesitantly offers her a drink. She is there for one reason and one reason only. He doesn't seem all that pleased with her taking charge.

She leads him into his bedroom. Nick asks what she has in mind like he hasn't done the same thing before. She has him give her a massage behind closed doors, or so it seems. Nick tells her to slow down as this is not a good idea. From past experiences he knows he needs to not do this.

Suddenly, Nick has a conscience. He cares about the other four women there too. He's learned from his mistakes.

Corn has never been in this position before, so doesn't know what to do. She's going to put all day.

It's time for Rachel to go on her date. She tells the others she was nervous before her first one-on-one, but is so excited this time. She knows there's pressure to be THE last date before hometowns. 

Hold that thought because Nick arrives to pick up Rachel. For once, someone appears dressed for a date. 

Nick takes her to a local, non-tourist bar. They talk about what hometowns mean to her. They talk about her dad. She's a Daddy's girl, but she's never brought home a white guy. She says that's not a big deal though.

Rachel feels like this day has just been a date with her boyfriend. This does seem like the best date of this part trip. She comes home early. Instead of their date continuing that night, they are having a rose ceremony.

Corn is freaking out after hearing how chill Rachel's date was.

Before the rose ceremony, there has to be a conversation with Chris Harrison. He asks Nick what he's thinking. Nick knows what he needs to do. Three of the four: Corn, Kristina, Rachel or Vanessa is getting a rose. The other isn't, and Nick isn't going to make her go through a rose ceremony. He wants a conversation as private as possible. 

Nick comes in. Corn is like, "no, no, no." However, he asks to see Kristina. He finds her and asks her to go outside. 

Corn leaves the room, and Rachel follows. 

Nick and Kristina talk. He says other relationships are stronger. She says he hasn't given her a fair chance. He says he's not ready to let her go, but feels like he has to.

The women gather around her as she cries. She pictured her life with Nick.

Corn still thinks she may be going home. What if he only goes on three?

In the tease for next week, Chris Harrison tells us we won't believe what Nick decides to do. Nick is still trying to decide what to do that night. Someone will be coming back too.