Will it be the shortest season of #thebachelor ever?

Peyton had her last basketball game of the season tonight, so by the time I got home, ate and am getting started blogging, it is 9:20 PM. It's time like this I don't know why I bother (more so than others).

I did watch the last 20 or 30 minutes while I was eating. I am disappointed by who he kept around from the first of the show because I saw next week's previews.

The show starts off with the women wondering what happened with the Corinne and Taylor date. Recall, I'll call her Corn so I don't misspell her name later.

The women are surprised that Taylor's suitcase is the one that is picked up by the "bellman" at the hotel.

Back on the date, Taylor goes to interrupt Corn and Nick's date to tell Nick what for. Taylor calls Corn out for lying, then asks Nick to talk. He's hesitant, but goes.

Taylor tells Nick he has been flat out lied to today. Taylor thinks she's gone because he was told she was a mean girl and bullied Corn. Taylor claims she's not the first to warn him of this, so it's not just her. Nick thanks her for coming back to have a discussion and that he's still trying to find some things out.

He tells Corn that he told Taylor his decision was based on where his heart was going, not on what was/wasn't said about her.

Corn calls Taylor ugly names and is her terribly annoying self on her camera interviews and while she is sitting in the room by herself waiting for Nick.

We jump forward to the next night and the rose ceremony. It's down to 12 now. 

Corn, Danielle and Rachel already have roses, so the other women are worried about the time they have or haven't had with Nick.

Chris Harrison comes in to tell them that there will not be a cocktail party. Nick knows what he wants to do, so he is going straight to the rose ceremony.

Nick gives a speech saying he went in with the mindset he would send people home when he knew what he knew it wasn't going anywhere instead of dragging it out, so that's why he's going straight to the roses. With that...

  1. Kristina
  2. Raven
  3. Vanessa
  4. Danielle
  5. Jasmine
  6. Whitney
Three women are leaving now. Alexis (the dolphin/shark girl), Jaimi (and her nose ring that reminds me of one a bull would have - and her purple lipstick) and Josephine (I'm surprised she lasted this long). 

And then there was nine.

Now, they are taking off for St. Thomas!

When they arrive, Nick tells them the first date starts then. This one-on-one is with Kristina. They take off on a small plane. 

Whitney just knew it was going to be her date. Jasmine is in tears because it wasn't her.

Kristina tells Nick about her family. Her parents had four children and adopted four, including herself. She has a sister back in Russia that she only talks to occasionally. She claims her Russian is not so great anymore.

Vanessa gives the ladies a history lesson on St. Thomas up in the hotel room. No one is really impressed. Corn decides all she is going to do is sleep and drink today.

There's a knock at the door. Lorna is there to take care of all of their needs. Corn thinks the woman is her personally nanny like her real one, Raquel. She definitely takes advantage.

Back on their date, Nick asks more about Kristina's family. She doesn't usually tell much about her history because it's personal. However, she decides she has to be open with Nick to advance their relationship. She was born into a really poor family, and her mother had told her not to eat one day though they didn't have much to eat anyway. She ate lipstick (I think that's what she said) which broke her mother's rule of not eating that day. She was like 5 at the time, and it was then she went into an orphanage. She was adopted at 12. She left her sister and all the children who became like family behind. I think I have all that straight. She talked fast and can be hard to understand when she talks like that.

Nick is touched by her story, and gives her the rose for the date.

Back in at the suite, the next date card arrives. "Love's a beach... Rachel, Raven, Vanessa, Corinne, Danielle M., Jasmine"

They assume this means Whitney and Danielle L. will be on a two-on-one. 

The date starts off on a yacht. Then, it's a bean bag toss on the beach.

Jasmine is on a rampage of sorts because she hasn't had any one-on-one time. It's her 6th group date.

Then, it's beach volleyball time. Corn is too drunk to play well. She wanders off to drink more, but said she was leaving to go to sleep.

Vanessa has had a little much too and is coming on too hard.

Raven says if Jasmine was a vegetable, she would be a turnip because she is turned all the way up. Raven is worried for her because she's losing it. Jasmine decides she's done. Vanessa is tired of trying to get time too. She's having a meltdown. Danielle is in tears.

Nick decides this "fun day" might have backfired on him. Everyone wanders off to themselves and is crying. He hopes the night goes better. He asks Rachel to go off for some time to talk first.

Rachel tells him, "as I've told you before... group dates aren't for me." Nick says no one thinks group dates are for them. She starts to lose it. Going off like she is usually doesn't bode well.

Jasmine talks to the women saying she wants to punch Nick in the face and ask him what he's thinking. Wow.

Meanwhile, Danielle L. wonders what happened to send her on a two-on-one date since things had gone so well for them before. Whitney's sad and mellow too.

Raven has evidently taken over the mental health professional role. She's observing Jasmine self-destruct now. Jasmine is ranting and raving and carrying on when Nick comes back on the scene with Corn. He asks to talk to talk to Jasmine.

Jasmine tells Nick she is confused and thinks she's been overlooked. She's talking 90-to-nothing. Nick's like, "are you ok or are you not?" She claims she's not getting attention. When she says she wants to choke him, that doesn't go over well. Imagine that! He's not feeling the future she describes seeing. He decides there on the beach to send her home. He offers to walk her out.

Nick is starting to get discouraged and wonders if this is going to work out. Is he trying too hard to make it work? It's not shown, but Raven gets the rose we find out through a narrative from the women the next morning.

The next day is a new day. Nick hopes it goes better. it's the two-on-one with Danielle L. and Whitney. 

Unlike most two-on-one dates, these women aren't enemies, so it seems odd to at least Whitney. The date starts with a helicopter ride. 

We see Whitney's discussion first. It's kind of boring.

Nick talks with Danielle about how much potential he saw at first with her. Their first date went great.

Nick tells the cameras it didn't take long to see how different his relationships with these two are. He leaves Danielle for a minute to go send Whitney home. He tells Whitney it's hard, but doesn't really think they're at the point of really having a relationship. She's left on the beach as Nick and Danielle leave via helicopter.

The women at the suite are in shock when Whitney's bags are picked up at the hotel. Later Vanessa is all kinds of emotional as she tries  to figure out what all is going on. Vanessa wants to know where it's going with her.

Finishing off the evening, Danielle and Nick have dinner. They reminisce about their previous date. She's chatty. She thinks they are on a great track. He's just ready for a pause in the conversation to tell her she's not on the same page that he is. She says, "I feel like I'm falling in love with you." He says, "I'm not feeling it."

Early on, Nick thought she was in the running to be the one, but now that it's over. He doesn't he's feel like it's going anywhere and walks her out too. She cries in the limo as it drives away.

Nick doesn't know what to do. The women are sitting around the suite and surprised again when Danielle's suitcase are taken away.

Let me just say right now that I am so sleepy, I keep almost dozing off , so I may not be coherent on this blog here. I have no idea what I'm saying. I read back random words.

Nick comes to speak to the women. He questions if this is going to work out for him. With great emotion he says he doesn't know if he can do this anymore, then leaves. 

Will he call the whole thing off?