#TMI on #thebachelor

If you will recall, last week we didn't get a rose ceremony at the end. We don't know who is going home after the hometown dates. Instead of a decision, we got a teaser of Andi showing up, probably for no good reason at all.

Nick offers Andi a drink... whiskey or wine? She takes whiskey.

Meanwhile, the ladies start arriving for the rose ceremony. First Vanessa whose dress fits oddly and is cut where it looks like the girls are going to pop out through the cutouts on each side. Rachel comes next. Raven, who thinks she's ready to say yes if he got on one knee tonight. Finally, Corinne.

Andi just wants to chat, see what he's thinking, and waste time. Nick tells Andi he is seeing her perspective more. He reminds her that the last time she knocked on his hotel door, he got dumped. Andi says now he is dumping 29 girls. Nick says, "maybe 30. I'm not getting engaged just because I'm the Bachelor."

Yet, when we get back from commercial, he thinks it's going to work out. Andi asks if he's going to sleep with any of them in the fantasy suites. Andi says if he really thinks a girl has potential at the end, then go ahead and get as intimate as the two of them want. Then, Andi asks if Nick regrets when he asked her "why did you sleep with me if..." Nick evidently sees all that differently now. Ugh. Maybe I should have tuned into The Voice now that Miley Cyrus isn't on this season.

The women are standing around freezing. I don't know why they couldn't have been indoors. Nick's spiel is that it was an amazing week and it was great with each of their families. Now, on to business.

  1. Raven
  2. Rachel (she has to go home next, right?)
  3. Vanessa
As much as I despise Corinne, she and Nick probably deserved each other. Corinne bursts into ugly tears and Nick asks to walk her out. Nick tells her she has nothing to regret and that she did nothing wrong. He is "going to miss the hell out of you." With hugs on her way to the limo, Nick sends her off. 

She feels like "literally my heart is never going to be repaired. Why can't I have a normal relationship?" Because A) you aren't normal and B) this wasn't a normal avenue anyway. She's done with trying to impress men. She's never going to kiss up to a man again in her life. Never say never. With that, she decides to go to sleep.

Instead of somewhere tropical, they head off to Finland. Nick couldn't imagine a more magical place for this journey to end.

Vanessa... They have a great relationship and an amazing chemistry together (or so Nick says), but the hometown date reminded him of the questions they have left to figure out.

Rachel... From the moment he met her, he knew there was something there. She's the only one who has not expressed verbal affirmation. He hopes she's getting there.

Raven... Ever since their first date, they have had a strong relationship, but she's not sure where her heart is right now. That's why he picked her for the first date.

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They are out in middle of the snow and take a helicopter to tour the sits of a National Park that I can't spell. She wants to make sure to tell him how she feels. She's also nervous about the fantasy suite because she doesn't take it lightly.

After their helicopter tour, they play some darts in a pub. Then, they talk about hometowns. What did she think? He talks about seeing an emotional side of her since they found out her dad was cancer-free. They talk about how she is a Daddy's girl. She says you are supposed to see how a man treats his mother. He and his mom are close, but he doesn't go for women like her. They then discuss chores. He claims to be the ultimate ironer/steamer.

The topic moves to the fantasy suite, and she tells him that she's nervous for more reasons than one. She asks if he is. Nick just says he's in his head. He tells her not to have expectations as he doesn't have any. She thinks something is going down or supposed to. She tells the camera, then him later on, way too much personal about her past singular relationship. She is wearing an insanely tall toboggan that looks like a dunce hat.

Raven needs to spit out her feelings. It's her first time to say, "I love you." She just knows she needs to express it. She thinks it has been going that direction from their first date. They talk more about their day and their favorite parts. It gets awkward over "dinner." Speaking of awkward, she transitions into talking about her past relationship and how she never said, "I love you," in their whole two years. Nick asks if she felt it. Raven says she never felt for this other guy the way she feels with Nick. Playing Devil's advocate, Nick asks if she could express it without someone saying it first or not knowing what the other person felt. She tells him about the feelings developing since their first date. Finally, after lots of yammering on, she tells him that she does love him.

It's time to give Raven the fantasy suite card. She wants to spend time with him, so yes, she wants to go. Then, a lesson in her history for him to keep in mind. Even Nick though a fact was a bit much. Nick thinks that maybe not sleeping with them will give him clarity.

Imagine that! I hope he doesn't, but I have no expectations.

The suite has a glass ceiling so they can watch the glowing green Northern Lights.

For some reason, we only have one date and one hour tonight. On one hand, I don't know why we drag this out, but on the other, I'm so relieved to be done tonight too. 

Next week will be THREE HOURS though. That includes Women Tell All.

Then, I'm not going to be able to blog about the final episode until like a week later. GASP.