To borrow a line from a friend... today was full of notes for the sitcom

My friend Lori's in life, in business, in general is, "It's all just notes for the sitcom." All of the crazy life experiences are going down in the notes to be a part of a sitcom to be developed at a later date.

Over time, I've given her plenty of material by way of stories too. I really need to tell her about my day today in order to give her enough material for another episode or two. Unfortunately, I can't share the stories for your entertainment because, well, I can't. They would have been more entertaining from you than for me.

However, I will share some of my thoughts from the week, in all aspects of my life:

  • I have been a publicist for 15 years. I do know what I'm doing.  
  • Even being older and wiser, there's still no way I could ever hack teaching school.
  • Facebook is used for more than pictures of people's vacations although that would be a welcome break from all the political posts.
  • Rejection hurts. Especially repeated rejection. 
  • I didn't make the instructions, I just have to follow them. 
  • It helps if you read the email.
  • Dad really enjoys having his own smart phone, even though he is getting all sorts of calls intended for the person who had the number before him. 
  • A disconnected phone call can be a sign of God's mercy.
  • People have some crazy excuses for not liking things.
  • Something has to give with my wi-fi..