Cleaning out the closet reveals the strangest things

The last few weeks I have been cleaning some closets and rooms to get rid of some stuff. I was starting to feel like a hoarder and wanted to thin some things out.

This weekend, I finished hitting up my clothes closets. My closets aren't big, so I have my clothes spread over three. Everyday clothes in my room, winter shirts in one closet in the guest room and dress clothes in the second closet in there. It's weird that the guest room has two small closets, but it does.

Aside from clothes, I evidently had the empty plastic bags from every time I bought clothes since I moved into this house 4 years ago. I had bags from places I haven't shopped at in years. Empty shoe boxes too.

One shelf gets junk from when I switch out or empty purses. I found receipts from three years ago. I found a slip of paper from the first place I ever saw the books cut into initials and inspired some of what we do. (We've only run into that guy once somewhere since.)

Someone would wonder about me if they had to clean out my closets. Same thing with my dresser. I cleaned it out too.

I cleared out clothes I had for years and years and years. I cleared out t-shirts that shrunk in length and I couldn't stand anymore (particularly one certain brand that does that badly). Stuff I never liked to begin with and only bought because I really needed clothes. I would have cleared out more, but needed something so I wouldn't have to wash clothes daily.

This was my exciting Saturday. Oh, I forgot I bought a new desk chair since mine kept sinking. I'll sell it to some unsuspecting buyer next weekend at the garage sale.

I'm living the life, people, living the life.