When in doubt, send them both home #thebachelorette

I am in Cincinnati this week, and thought I was going to have plans tonight, but haven't heard from the person I was supposed to meet up with. That's ok though. I'm so tired from not sleeping well and having a travel day that I don't mind. The problem is staying up to blog on The Bachelorette.

I can't promise to be able to blog tomorrow night though. I have a dinner meeting.

At the end of the last group date, Kenny pulls Lee outside to confront him about what he told Rachel. That can't be good. We'll have to come back to that though. 

Rachel is talking it up with Bryan out on a boat. He's talking about things being too good to be true and how they must be a perfect match. He's not caught up in any drama, only her, so she loves that. 

Back to the "not dead issue" between Lee and Kenny. Kenny says that Rachel thinks he's an aggressive person thanks to what Lee tells her. Lee keeps interrupting Kenny. He is the snake Kenny accuses him of being. 

Kenny is calm, but Lee talks about how violent he is being. Lee is trying to provoke him. 

Rachel comes back in to all the men (there were like 12 guys on the date). It's time to give a date rose. It goes to Bryan. I'm still not seeing what she sees, but more power to her. Or to him. Whatever. 

Kenny congratulates Bryan, then gives a speech about how Bryan has done it right and not been a snake. Lee says something that gets a bleep to Kenny. He accuses Kenny of threatening him again. Kenny calls Lee names calmly, then walks away. 

The last date of the week is with Jack. Both are attorneys who are the same age and live in Dallas, but are they too similar to work?

First comes a horse drawn carriage ride, then dance lessons. Jack isn't much of a dancer. He blames it on watching her the whole time while she was trying to learn the moves. 

Jack is comfortable and happy when with Rachel. Rachel isn't sure if there something there even though she thinks there should be. 

Meanwhile back at the resort. Lee tells Will about what he told Rachel. Lee is trying to pull people over to his side. Will doesn't want to use the word aggressive and tries to explain the reason why is how black males are perceived. Will explains that Lee using that word feels like a racial thing to Kenny. 

Jack looks at the camera weird. He bows his head, and looks up with his eyes. He does the same with Rachel. He thinks something is happening quickly. She doesn't get the romantic feelings though.

Jack loves parents, or so he says. He asks about her dad's sense of humor. Jack thinks he gets her dad, even though he doesn't actually know him. Rachel asks what they would do back in Dallas together. He just wants to lay in bed and lock the door. Rachel doesn't much care for that idea. After spending time together, she doesn't feel like she knows him more. Rachel tells him even if two people have a lot in common, some X factor matters. She picks up the rose. He's giddy. However, she tells him there's a romantic connection that's missing, so she can't give him the rose. He's crushed as Rachel walks him out. 

The next day is rose ceremony day. No cocktail party is needed because she knows what she wants to do. Letting Jack go clears some things up. 

Iggy doesn't think he has had enough time, especially after his conflict with Josiah.

Kenny thinks he's doomed because of Lee.

The men who already had roses: Dean and Bryan.

  1. Eric
  2. Peter
  3. Adam
  4. Will
  5. Matt
  6. Alex
  7. Josiah
  8. Anthony
  9. Kenny (who has been making slithering snake hand gestures)
  10. Lee (who prays for people with issues)

Going home are the Tickle Monster (Jonathan who has to tickle her ribs on the way out) and Iggy (who can cry some big tears and learned a lot about himself).

It's time to take the show on the road, so it's off to Oslo, Norway they go. 

The first one-on-one date is with Bryan. Is there emotional to go along with physical?

They go to the top of an Olympic ski jump to see the best view of Oslo. They are going to repel off the 187 foot ski jump. Rachel thinks it's symbolic because 187 is murder. (A legal term? The producer didn't get it.) I could do without the mid-air loud, smoochy kissing on their way down. Once they reach the ground, more kissing.

Rachel gets bored really easily, and Bryan does not bore her. She thinks he may be perfect.

Will and Eric are talking. Eric notices only one of the five one-on-one dates has been with one of the black men. Maybe she's not interested in "the brothers." Will says of the men that have been there, they are all different, so she doesn't think race is an issue. 

Rachel talks about her sisters over dinner. Her gold glitter eye shadow is too much, by the way. They talk about how they were in high school. He had a four year relationship, blah, blah, blah. He wants her to know where he stands. He's falling in love with her. He gets the rose.

At the hotel, Lee asks the other guys how they think it is going with Bryan when the date card arrives. 

The date card is something about needing a man that's good with his hands. It's a group date for Adam, Dean, Anthony, Peter, Matt, Will, Alex, Eric, and Josiah.

That leaves Kenny and Lee for a two-on-one date. 

After everyone leaves, Bryan gives Kenny advice about dealing with Lee and being the bigger man.

So back to the being good with your hands... the men are going to play handball which is popular over in Europe. It's a combination of football, basketball and water polo according to Rachel. A couple of guys, including Will have a little experience, or so they say. The coach thinks they are a bunch of goof offs. Dean wearing his supporter on the outside of his clothes only plays into why the coach must think that. Rachel and her red team wins.

Back at the hotel, Kenny Facetimes with his daughter. Kenny gets teary as he tells her how much he misses her. Lee is in the gym lifting weights in his boots. 

Due to his great performance that day, Rachel takes off Will to talk first. They talk about past hurts. She thinks it's going well with him since he was vulnerable and open.

Alex reads a letter to her. Some other guy had song lyrics embroidered on something for her. Eric has a creepy expression when they talk. Josiah wants to grow old with her and just compliments and compliments her, even when she points out he never asks questions when they are together.

The official date card arrives back at the hotel. "Kenny and Lee - Your fate is up in the air. ~ Rachel." There's a second card, "Two men, one rose. One stays, one goes. ~ Chris Harrison."

More conversations back on the date. Rachel is into Peter too. Some of these guys are still running together for me. Especially since she's making out with so many. They take it from the balcony to the hot tub. It gets pretty hot and heavy there. The guys obviously notice he as gone for a while. Rachel follows shortly after to sit with everyone and hand out the date rose.

Amazingly, even after the hot tub happenings, she gives the rose to Will. Peter can't quite figure this one out.

It's time for Kenny and Lee's date. I'm not looking forward to this. When in doubt, send them both him. That's what I say. 

Kenny has done some things wrong, but Lee is worse. Rachel wants some clarity on both. They go on a helicopter ride and end up in a beautiful wilderness area. There are waterfalls, a river, and plenty of trees. You know it has to be in middle of nowhere because every two-on-one is so that someone can be left alone out in middle of nowhere.

Lee is annoying early. Kenny decides to remain calm and focus on his purpose there. Rachel takes Kenny off to talk first.

Kenny talks about how he has realized they haven't moved forward the past couple of weeks. However, he's not looking for a week-to-week thing. He wants a partner for life and someone to be an example for his daughter. Then, he addresses the Lee situation and how he thinks Lee had to lash out to get attention after he did yell that night. Rachel sees that Kenny is fighting for the relationship. Rachel has a gut feeling he is being sincere.

Kenny goes back to the table where Lee waits before Rachel does. There's a lot of silence, then Kenny tells him to look at where he is and what he's doing.

Rachel comes back to take Lee off. Lee starts off tattling on what Kenny said to him and how he acted. Lee tells of some dark side Kenny has, especially when he drinks. Lee doesn't want to talk about him all the time though.

Rachel wanted clarity. What she has gotten is too different stories and exaggerations. She doesn't know who to believe. She wanted to leave lawyer Rach at home, but she needs to get to the bottom of this. She takes Kenny off again.

Rachel thinks she needs to be open and honest with him now. She tells him about how violent and aggressive Lee said he was. He denies it all.

She needs some time to think.

Kenny returns to Lee laughing his head off. Not really sure why.

To be continued tomorrow...