To spoil it... eventually, they both went home on #thebachelorette

I was out socializing and business networking, so I missed the first 20 minutes of The Bachelorette. I reserve the right to come back and blog about that later when I can access the it online. However, I know the most important thing: Lee went home.

UPDATED: I watched the first of the episode when I got home.

Rachel decided she didn't trust Lee, so sent him home, but decided that she wasn't ready to give the date rose to Kenny either. She probably wished she let them both go when Kenny went off to rub it in Lee's face instead of getting onto the helicopter. She did spend more of the evening with Kenny and eventually gives him the rose.

I joined the show right as Kenny is talking to his daughter on the phone and immediately before the rose ceremony while Josiah is confidently telling Bryan he believes fully that he will be the last one left. Josiah who needs to just shut his mouth.

Rachel makes her statement that the people going are the people she does not see as her husband in case there were any doubts. Will, Bryan and Kenny have their roses. Six of the eight others will get roses and two will go home.

  1. Dean
  2. Eric
  3. Peter
  4. Alex
  5. Adam
  6. Matt

Josiah doesn't think anyone expected him to go home. Josiah also thinks she is sending home all the black guys. Maybe. Maybe not. Anthony also got sent home, so maybe.

Now, it's on to Denmark.

First date card: "Eric, I'm hoping to cOPEN." Something like that since they are in Copenhagen.

They tour the city from the canals running through the city. Then, they get in a public hot tub where there's some drunk naked swarthy Denmarkians. I don't know if that's a word, and I'm not going to look it up.

The second card arrives, "Dean, Kenny, Bryan, Alex, Matt, Peter, Adam - I have taken a Viking to you guys. " Will gets the next one-on-one.

Back to Eric... the world's second biggest amusement park where they whack-a-mole and do bumper cars. There's also a carousel and Ferris wheel. Over a burger, Rachel wants to know more about him and his past, not just the present. He never experienced love growing up. I honestly tuned out the rest because I've got other things on my mind. If they ate any of that hamburger, they probably wished they didn't after the roller coaster. He gets his rose.

Moving on to the group date. The group rows a boat Viking style, then learn to fight like Vikings. There's a wrestling type game with Rachel. Then men pushing each other outside of a ring. After several events, the two fighting for the championship are Kenny and Adam. They duel and instead of getting each other with their wooden swords, their shields get each other in the eyebrow creating a gash. After both men get their Band-aids, Kenny is crowned the winner.

That night, Rachel and Bryan talk and kiss and kiss more. She thinks he accepts her for who she is. She is smitten.

Back at the hotel, will tells Eric he normally dates white girls, but is in to Rachel. I'm thinking about work stuff I still need to do tonight, so everything is blah, blah, blah tonight. 

Kenny and Matt talk about how Kenny feels he hasn't been advancing with Rachel as much as he hoped lately. Maybe he'll get his time as the winner for the day.

Rachel and Matt talk about Kenny. She's worried about his eye. Matt says he is fine physically, but struggling emotionally.

Kenny thinks the stakes are so much higher because of his daughter. Kenny and Rachel talk. Kenny thinks they can get there, but he doesn't know if they are there yet. After the two-on-one, he's insecure with where they are. He wants some reassurance as they get closer to hometowns. Rachel tells him if he's feeling that way, if she's 100% honest, she thinks he ought to go home to be with his daughter.

Rachel goes back to the group and tells them that he did send Kenny home to his daughter and that it was a mutual conclusion. Rachel gives the date rose to Peter. I don't know why.

It's time for Will's date. We didn't see it, but his date card said something about Rachel wanting him to be her Sweedy. Their date is in Sweden.

They stroll the city and admire the Swedish architecture. Then, a couple that has been married 35 years give a little advice. The most romantic thing they have done is hold hands. She wants more from him. He doesn't take advantage of their time together.

They go back to Copenhagen for dinner. She tries to get him to talk. He talks about mostly dating white women since he grew up in a neighborhood that was white. Rachel grew up in a similar situation, but dated mostly black guys. (Back at the hotel the discussion is on the same thing.)

The conversation moves on to past relationships before she asks him why there hasn't been any passion between them so far. He can't explain it. At any rate, she let's him go instead of giving him a rose.

It's time for another rose ceremony, even though she has sent two people home since the last one. At the moment, there are 7 men. Peter and Eric have roses. Four more will get a rose while one will go home.

Rachel starts talking to the men, but gets really emotional and leaves the room for a moment.

  1. Bryan
  2. Matt
  3. Dean
  4. Adam
That means Alex (who Josiah called the Russian KGB spy) is headed home. 

That's it for this week!


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