Points for #thebachelorette weeding out the drama

Here it is on Tuesday night at 10:30, and I'm finally about to start my blog on The Bachelorette. My friend, Rachel (not to be confused with the actual Bachelorette), was over last night, and we were working on a VBS project. Therefore, I didn't watch. Peyton had a softball game tonight, then when I got home, I got to working on backlogged blog posts and chatting with a couple of friends, so I am just now getting going.

I hope it goes quick.

This week's episode starts with everyone going outside to see what DeMario has to say to Rachel. He showed up to talk to her after she kicked him to the curb yesterday when his girlfriend came on the scene.

Security asks the guys to back up and give Rachel and DeMario a moment.

DeMario wants another chance and throws mottos and life quotes at her. He still has a woman in his life, right? Rachel said she gave him a chance to 'fess up in the gym. She can't let him lie to her and come back in. The attorney in her stands her ground, and Rachel sends him off again.

The cocktail party continues. The most ridiculous moment is when the Tickle Monster brings out the world's biggest set of hands. He always makes her laugh. He also tries to reach in for a tickle which is so inappropriate.

Alex is working a Rubik's Cube while they are talking.

Kenny shows pictures of his daughter. Every time they talk, he peels back another layer of who he is.

Rachel is growing weary of Whaboom. Blake is still obsessed that Lucas (Whaboom) is there for the wrong reasons. Lucas tries to defend what Blake said about him. He thinks Blake has a crush on him. Lucas says that Blake was eating a banana over his bed the other night as he slept.

Rachel asks Blake about the banana story. Blake can't keep a straight face. Blake said it was not true because he was on the keto diet. Then, if it were true, there would be witnesses.

Finally, it is rose time. This should have happened at the end of last week's episode.

In case you have more important life issues going on and can't remember from week to week like me, Dean, Josiah and Peter have roses. DeMario went home. (So, that's 22 left and three of them are safe.)

  1. Bryan
  2. Bryce
  3. Eric
  4. Anthony
  5. Will
  6. Jonathan (I still don't get what she sees in the Tickle Monster)
  7. Jack
  8. Matt
  9. Alex
  10. Adam
  11. Kenny
  12. Brady
  13. Lee
  14. Iggy
  15. Fred
  16. Diggy
Thankfully, that means Lucas and Blake are both sent packing. Thank goodness! The commentary during the whole rose ceremony was too much! Blake tells Rachel he didn't feel he fit in that same category as Lucas. Rachel really doesn't want to hear it. She wants him to go. 

Blake is angry he is going home. It's all Whaboom's fault, of course. They live in the same town. (So he can't escape.) Blake goes up to Lucas, accuses of him for being there for the wrong reasons and because he got caught in the drama, he's going home. There is a war of words for the cameras. So. Much. Drama. Blake is just as bad as Lucas. So, so, so childish.

Jamey was the other guy to go, but that was a non-event. 

Let me also note here that Lucas was on Good Morning America this morning doing his Whaboom thing. He was barely coherent. He made little to no sense the whole time he was on there. I think he was just in it to get a little fame. He's sure to be on Bachelor in Paradise, and given the rest of the line-up announced today, I can let watching it go. 

Chris Harrison does his morning check-in the next day and drops off the date card. 

"Bryan, Jonathan, Peter, Alex, Will, Fred... Lights, Camera, Action. Come join me on the set of Ellen."

The men know they are going to have to dance, and let me tell you, Jonathan has no moves.

Rachel thinks that Ellen is her spirit animal, so talks to her about the six men coming today. Personally, much like Ellen, I say I won't watch every season because I have things to do, but get sucked in. The two watch as the guys go through security and are asked questions on their way in.

Ellen asks Rachel if there has already been a kiss. Jonathan is surprised the answer was yes. There was more than one, dude.

When the guys come out, Ellen asks if they were surprised by the news of the kiss. Jonathan says he is ready for his turn, but Bryan has to show off and make it known he has kissed her. Someone else seconds it.

Rachel hasn't seen the guys shirtless yet, so guess what... Take your shirt off and dance. Jonathan was AWFUL!

Alex was freaky. I think he had some previous experience, if you know what I mean.

From there, they play Never Have I Ever. It's a little telling. It comes out that Alex peed in the pool and three of six have kissed her. Everyone finds out about Fred previously knowing Rachel.

Fred is tired of his childhood reputation being brought up over and over and plans to make a move since he was not one of the ones that had kissed her.

That night at the cocktail party, Alex tries to convince Rachel he had no experience dancing. Rachel is impressed with his layers. He notices they talk left eye to left eye which is the emotional way to look into each other's eyes.

When Rachel and Fred talk, he asks permission to kiss her which she says is awkward because no one else has asked, they've just done it. He goes for it. Later, when it's time for the group rose, Rachel asks Fred to talk. She sees a man, but she also sees a boy. She's in her head. She just can't reciprocate the feelings, so decides to cut him loose.

Here all the guys are thinking Fred's getting the rose since she's carrying it around. Nope. The guys are now witnessing the car drive away as they watch from the windows overlooking the street.

When she gets back upstairs, Alex gets the rose.

The next morning, Eric is antsy knowing he doesn't currently have a connection and she sent Fred home. 

It's time for the next date. The date card read, "Anthony, get ready for the rodeo."

The two of them ride horses down Rodeo Drive. Being the Chicago city boy that he is, it's his first time on a horse. Lots of people take pictures because this must seem as odd to them as it does to me. 

They ride their horses into a store where they shop for Cowboy boots for him. They stay on the horses while being fit for boots. Never mind walking in them to see if they fit. They also get cowboy hats. 

At the cupcake machine, they get some horse cupcakes, then ride horses into the next store where one of the horses dumps on the floor. How gross!

That night, their date overlooks the skyline of LA. They talk about how he is a self-described "old soul." He took care of a lot of family members growing up and says he had a great childhood. He wants to give back and pay it forward which is why he went into teaching. At the end of the date, he gets the rose. 

Back at the house... the next date card arrives. "Brady, Dean, Adam, Kenny, Bryce, Lee, Jack, Eric - Sometimes in relationships the woman has to take charge."

The men speculate on what the charge means. Shopping? The LA Chargers? Rachel shows up with some girls from last season (Raven, Corinne, Jasmine and Alexis). She's looking for their opinions on the guys. They load up on the party bus. 

Raven says if there is a fireman on the bus, they had to dance on the pole. Bryce goes first, then others follow. Raven later asks Bryce about people there for the right reasons. She also asks Lee about who wasn't a good match. They both say Eric. 

When they arrive at their destination, there's mud wrestling involved. First round is Brady vs. Bryce (who narrowly wins). Eric vs. Dean (the winner). Adam vs. Lee. Kenny definitely wins his round vs. Jack. 

Second round of the tournament puts Lee vs. Kenny. They flip each other around pretty well. Kenny wins though. We don't see it, but Bryce beats Dean.

Bryce vs. Kenny in the finals. He somehow beats Kenny out. 

When Rachel talks to her friends, everyone thought Dean was a front runner. They were also all concerned about Eric.

That night, Kenny admits to being a Chippendale's dancer in Vegas. He does a little routine for her. 

Eric tries to have a heart-to-heart with Rachel. She brings up what the women heard from Lee and Bryce. Probably wasn't wise for her to name names. He goes back out to the group and confronts them about saying his motives weren't real. Lee tries to defend it by saying he (Eric) didn't have much relationship experience. Then, he brings up some screaming match with Iggy (we don't see). 

Surprisingly, Eric gets the group date rose.

The episode ends with the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party. 

Iggy talks to Rachel. He says that Eric asked the question, "How serious do you think Rachel is about this?" Iggy should have concentrated on himself given he didn't have a date this week. So, after he talks to Rachel about it, Iggy talks to Eric about what his issue was. 

Lee decides to use his time throwing Eric under the bus too. He talks about Eric screaming at Iggy. People could hear it from upstairs. 

Rachel goes looking for Eric. She wants to know why his name keeps coming up. They talk. He's going to let him keep his rose, but warns she is now on high alert. 

Eric gathers the men together and gives a speech, "If I fail with Rachel, let that be my business." He creates a major scene, "My name is in your mouth!"

That's where the episode ends. Lee is going to get himself into trouble.