Someone is being a real jerk on #thebachelorette

Thank goodness for the recap at the beginning of the show because without it, I couldn't tell you how the last episode of The Bachelorette ended two weeks ago.

I'm not sure if that's a sign of A) having too much going on, B) seriously having memory issues or C) just not caring. I think the answer is a combination of A and B, and hopefully not D) all of the above. Good Morning America (or was it The Today Show?) said this morning that multi-tasking as bad for the brain and goodness knows I'm always multi-tasking. The fact that I can't remember from this morning may be a bad sign for option B.  I flipped between both. I think it was The Today Show.


Anyway, we ended last time with Lee and Eric talking smack about each other and Rachel considering taking Eric's rose back. There's a bunch of mouthing going on, and while I do think Eric is being a moron, Lee is an even bigger jerk. Lee obnoxiously interrupts Kenny and Rachel even though he had already had time with Rachel. This time Lee gives a sob story about his grandfather who had cancer and carried around this pocket knife for 50 years. He used the knife to carve something in a piece of wood as a gift for her.

Dean talks to the cameras about Lee and dances around directly calling him a racist because he only has trouble with certain men.

When Bryan found out that Lee went back for more time, he is annoyed as well. However, it's Kenny that decides he's going to steal Rachel back. When we get back from commercial though, it's Bryan we see talking to her. I don't see the same in him that Rachel evidently does. (I've read spoilers.)

Oh, maybe Kenny wasn't going to interrupt them. He decides to have a one-on-one conversation with Lee talking about snaking time with Rachel. Lee is rude and tells Kenny to get to the point. Rachel can hear Lee and Kenny getting into it while talking to a guy I have never noticed before. (Matt, maybe?) The guy defends Kenny, and Rachel says, it's probably because Lee interrupted Kenny.

Lee says the best way to make someone mad is to laugh at them, so he just sits around and laughs at people.

Rachel is over this drama already. She doesn't want to talk to the cameras anymore. Chris Harrison comes in and tells her he will facilitate whatever she wants to do. He goes out and tells the guys she has had enough time at the party and is ready for the rose ceremony.

When she does her little speech, she tells them the night didn't go like she thought it would go. It was heavy and frustrating, but there were some good conversations. She underestimated how hard it would be.

So, those with the roses: Alex, Anthony, and Eric.

  1. Will
  2. Dean
  3. Jonathan
  4. Peter
  5. Adam
  6. Josiah
  7. Bryan
  8. Matt
  9. Jack
  10. Iggy
  11. Kenny
  12. Lee (CRUD!!!)
Going home are Bryce, Diggy, and Brady. Of course, all the men thought there were some bad choices made. 

At the final toast of the night, Rachel proposes they leave all the drama behind them.

It's time to hit the road and give the family who lives in the mansion their house back. Next stop, Hilton Head, SC.

This is one of the very few places they travel to that I have ever been. (I do think they went to Albuquerque once and I shook my head trying to figure out exactly why.)

Bryan really wants a one-on-one this week. Kenny feels bad about last week, so hopes he gets it to clear the air.

The first date card arrives and neither gets it.

"Dean - Our love is about to take off."

Rachel and Dean take off in a Jeep, driving down the roads and through lots of trees with Spanish moss that is neither Spanish nor moss. It's a member of the pineapple family. Sorry. That stuck with me from the tour guides on my own trip to the area. 

They go to a nearby town and pull out into field. As they sit sipping their beverages, the Goodyear blimp lands to pick them up for a ride. She's always had a fascination with blimps. He's scared of heights. Oh, and he also gets motion sickness.

Once they are in the air, Rachel asks to sit in the driver's seat. She takes the controls. This makes Dean more nervous. He gets over it when they start kissing.

The guys see them fly by and know it is them from the message on the side.

The new date card arrives: "Alex, Anthony, Peter, Bryan, Jonathan, Adam, Matt, Kenny, Lee, Iggy, Eric, Will and Josiah. I want to see who is ready for commitment. "

That means Jack gets the one-on-one. Lee lays on the pressure and says things like, "There's no shame in going home on a one-on-one date." He's just obnoxious.

Back to Dean. She needs to see if something is there, and if he is ready for this since he is younger than she is (something the guys were talking about earlier). At dinner, they talk about family. Her parents are together and had a strict church upbringing. He talks about what his family did together. At 9 years old, his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She fought and beat it until he is 14 when the cancer reoccurred. She died and with his older siblings out of the house and dad gone a lot of the time, he was by himself quite a bit between 15-18. 

He looks forward to being a father and wants a close knit family. It's emotional. She tries not to cry so he won't cry more. He met her high expectations for the day, so she presents him with the date rose. Of course, the date isn't over. They have a concert in the streets to go to. Who is Russell Dickerson? I have no idea. Since I am multi-tasking and running behind, I fast forwarded through the dancing and kissing during the concert. It's always the same scene.

The next day, the group date is on a yacht. Don't worry, there's sure to be one-on-ones on a date later on.

This is her largest group date and she's a little concerned about last time's drama. They start off with a little dance contest. Some limbo... The most fit guys have taken their shirts off. The scrawnier (white guys) still have on theirs. The testosterone starts to ooze as they try to one-up each other with push-ups and rapping (Kenny), etc. Peter never should have tried to rap. This portion of the date comes to an end, then they head off to a spelling bee. 

Josiah thinks he has an awesome vocabulary. I think he has issues creating coherent sentences. Adam isn't sure if he is going to pass the intellectual test here. 

Kenny can't spell champagne, but then again, I spell it wrong most of the time when I type it on this blog. He is out on the first round and had a much harder word than the others.

Iggy loses out in the second round. Adam too. Physde is not the same as facade so Eric is out. Same for the others until only Will and Josiah are left. 

I'm not much of a speller myself. These words are a challenge. Josiah's final word is polyamorous which he correctly spells and wins.

That night, they all head to cocktail portion. Josiah is drinking out of his big ol' trophy. 

Rachel and Peter talk about being barefoot in Wisconsin and if they would move for the right person. She is licensed to practice in Wisconsin. 

When talking to Eric, we learn that cleaning is a stress reliever for her. He's back on the great side again after last week. 

With Iggy, they talk about the other men. Iggy picks Josiah as the guy he throws under the bus since he pulls himself away from the others. Iggy justifies it by saying he is protective of her. 

When he gets back with the guys, Iggy tells Josiah his name came up in relationship to tension in the house. Last week it was Eric, this week it's Josiah. More mouthing ensues. 

Then, Lee does some throwing under the bus in his time with Rachel. He doesn't like Kenny. He is just a trouble maker, pure and simple. 

The guys are sitting around later talking about the rose that is up for grabs. Kenny and Rachel talk away from the rest of the men. Kenny is speaking in verse again. He verbally lays it on thick. She brings up what is bothering her. She brings up hearing him yelling with Lee. She said not only did she hear it, she talked with Lee to fill in blanks. Kenny has to defend himself. Rachel isn't as laid back with Kenny as she was with Lee. Lee has her convinced he is correct. Kenny doesn't have a chance to not come off bad which is unfortunate. Kenny says that was not how he usually is. Bryan takes Rachel away and leaves Kenny on the bench thinking about how Rachel's body language said she was taking Lee's side.

Meanwhile, Lee is being a jerk with some guys in the bar. 

Kenny comes back in and asks to talk to Lee. He takes him outside. All the guys know something is about to go down. Iggy is going to stay out of it until punches are thrown. 


Monday and Tuesday night episodes, and the problem with that, I'm on a business trip. However, there's a good chance I will just blog from the hotel. Sigh.

As a final note, you know I never liked Corinne from last season, but I wouldn't wish anything bad on her. What they are saying happened on the set of Bachelor in Paradise was terrible. I hope they revamp the show if they bring it back so there is not such a flow of alcohol, and therefore, less chance of bad behavior. That show needs to be cleaned up. 

With that said, I am relieved I won't be able to convince myself to blog on it this summer. Thank goodness for that.